runwiseFX supplies groundbreaking Expert Advisors (EA) and Indicators for the MetaTrader platform. Our flagship Strategy Builder EA is a fully featured trade panel with ability to operate on configured indicators, with real-time statistics (profit & draw down) and auto optimization of settings.

Our Expert Advisor Based Products

Expert Advisors (EAs) are add-on programs to MetaTrader that can display information, alert and automatically open and close trades

Strategy Builder plus Optimizer
Trade Panel + Configurable Automation + Real-time Statistics + Auto Optimization
Probably the most powerful add on software for MetaTrader, combining four products into one:

1) Trade Panel - with hidden stop loss, auto stop loss, auto take profit (risk/reward), lot size calculation, one-click trading, partial closes, scale-in, trailing SL, hidden pending orders, news events, multi-account trade copying, logging and robust error handling.

2) Configurable Automation -
convert indicators into EA. Can combine multiple indicators into a single trade signal which can trade automatically or alert. Works with standard or custom indicators even if just have ex4 file or those purchased from MetaTrader market.

3) Real-time Statistics - looks back through chart to rapidly calculate profit and draw down for the configured indicators. Takes into consideration configured stop loss, take profit / exit regime, trading hours and indicator inputs. The statistics can be shown for multiple symbols/periods and ordered of profit for best symbol/timeframe selection. All of this is much faster and convenient than using the Strategy Tester in MetaTrader.

4) Auto optimization - will automatically cycle through the various stop loss methods, take profit, exit, trading hours and indicator inputs to see which gives the best profit without increasing draw down. Improvements are automatically saved to file on a per symbol/period basis. Can be set to run automatically when the market is closed, i.e. over weekend, to keep the settings tuned even if market evolves.

SEE THE VIDEO: Strategy Builder - Product Overview
ALSO: Startegy Builder - Quick Start Video

You can purchase direct from us and get both MetaTrader 4 and 5 versions (in MetaTrader Market have to be purchased separately):

Our licensing is lifetime with free updates and on a per user basis. VAT will be added if you live in the EU.

You can also purchase our products on MetaTrader Market which is like an app store for MetaTrader. The product page has description, screenshots, video and reviews. Note, you can see more reviews on Automator and Indicator Combine as they've been out for longer.

MT4:Buy Strategy Builder plus Optimizer by RunwiseFX trading application in the store of automated robot systems
MT5:Buy Strategy Builder plus Optimizer by RunwiseFX MT5 trading application in the store of automated robot systems

Strategy Automator
Trade Panel + Configurable Automation
Offers a subset of our Strategy Builder functionality (minus stats and optimizer) and is intended for users with existing indicators/strategy that they wish to automate.

Purchase direct from us for MetaTrader 4 and 5:


Or purchase from MetaTrader Market:
MT4: Buy RunwiseFX Configurable Strategy Automator trading application in the store of automated robot systems
MT5: Buy RunwiseFX Panel plus Configurable Automation trading application in the store of automated robot systems

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Our Indicator Based Products:

Indicators are add on programs to MetaTrader that can display information and alert, but not open/close trades

Dashboard Pro
Displays multiple indicators across multiple symbols and timeframes
Our hugely popular indicator that gives you an incredible overview of the market. Can show both standard and custom indicators for a selection of symbols and timeframes, complete with alert and features such as pips moved since alert.

Purchase direct from us for MT4 and MT5:

Our licensing is lifetime with free updates and on a per user basis. VAT will be added if you live in the EU.

Product on MetaTrader market with more details, screenshots, video, demo version and reviews:

MT4:Buy Configurable Dashboard Pro by RunwiseFX customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems
MT5:Buy Configurable Dashboard Pro by RunwiseFX MT5 customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems

Indicator Combine
Combines multiple indicators, including custom indicators, into a single signal
Combine you favorite indicators whether standard or custom into a single signal with statistics on profit and draw-down. Will alert when all indicators are in agreement. The statistics also take into consideration stop loss and take profit/exit regime and even trading hours. Note, this functionality is present in our Strategy Builder product.

Our licensing is lifetime with free updates and on a per user basis. VAT will be added if you live in the EU.

Product on MetaTrader market with more details, screenshots, video, demo version and reviews:

MT4:Buy Indicator Combine Merge by RunwiseFX customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems
MT5:Buy Indicator Combine Merge MT5 by RunwiseFX customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems

Our Reviews

Reviews are just some from our app store on MetaTrader Market ( where only verified purchasers can review. Note, the Indicator Combine functionality has been added to our Strategy Builder EA.

"This is the most useful tool I've ever purchased/tested on the MQL5 Market for sure, I created a reliable signal with it and use it with the Strategy Automator also from RunwiseFX, it already paid off. Nothing more to say." Marcel Wagner, Austria
"This indicator is the best investment I have made so far! I accidentally stumbled on it while searching for a MT4 programmer to combine some indicators into one, and this is far better. Excellent value and customer service! I am very pleased with my purchase." Nicetees, Trindad and Tobago
"The developer even helped before I bought the ea and answered my questions, this program has all what anyone can ever need of an ea, great product, tons of possibilities, and consistent support. If you are looking for a solution to automate all your strategies and indicators, this is it." linkandpia, Croatia
"This is a great tool to have if you want to get instant statistics on changes to your strategy. The stats update in real time so you can see, for example, what effect changing from a fixed stop loss to an ATR based stop loss would have on your profit. It can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. You can use it with custom indicators and the support is excellent. Good for both newbies and pros alike." Yvonne, UK
"Product is really good. Lots of options/variables/settings you can change. This obviously comes with a learning curve but support in all forms is accessible. Support from the dev is also very fast. They also seem to be working on this constantly which makes this ea a great buy. If you have some system in mind of how to trade you can probably set it up with this ea and let it run smoothly. I trade semi-automatically and am very satisfied." wonderbro, Belgium
"Great tool awesome support thanks" Mujeeb Abdul, Canada
"A completely configurable tool which you can adapt to your trading style. It took me a while to get my head around the options and functionalities but now I wouldn't be without it. The support is great (even my silly questions get answered).... 5 stars." Jonathan Reader, UK
"Excellent Product. The Team at RunwiseFX, Best customer support in many years. I see the benefits of using this EA for manual trading but it come into its own league when designing Automated trading. I think using freelance will not give you the level of support and built-in safety functions unless specified. Best investment for anyone willing to trade manually or auto, this in it self will save you money at the very least. Don't be afraid of the highly configurable setting, its quite straight forward once explained. It only hard until you know. My experience - I've had this product for few months I'm using this product to design an automated strategy. Whenever I needed support (even Sundays) I have been given quick and clear response. I've done various minor tweeks to my EA, The team were patience and glad to help. I have no complaints. Its more of an investment, Great value." SanniAK, UK
"Really really pleased with this product. Excellent EA and fantastic support. Cannot recommend highly enough." Ian Straw, UK
"Fantastic tool and EA, you can make adjustments for whatever the market give you, Support is just an email way and very helpful." Yuan Zhao Ng, Singapore
"Excellent support from Mark. He was extremely patient and replied to my various queries within hours. EA is very flexible and able to accommodate to my requirements." FXJeff, United States
"Have only used the tool for a few days, have had numerous emails with Mark regarding a custom rule, handled promptly and more than happy to assist to get it right, despite my limited understanding. This is a very worthwhile $150, even if you don't use the rules, it makes trading much quicker. Highly recommended. Update 27/7 - having now used the tool for nearly 3 months and exchanging numerous emails with support, all of which get answered promptly and in a language I can understand, I can say this product is truly awesome, it is so configurable, I have been able to build an almost automated trading system using my own rules, my own settings and my own risk management strategies. Runwise should surely be the platform that others build off, it can do manual trading, automated trading and everything in between. Plus its all configurable unlike other EAs. Cannot recommend enough!" Gareth Concise, Australia
"You can't find customer service better than this, if you were to try and dream one up, this would be it. He helps with every request I've had, even though I'm new at this he hasn't lost patience for some reason :-)." Winston Redford, Spain
"Incredible EA, so configurable. Support is BEYOND awesome, Dev is incredibly patient and helpful in getting things setup and config'd the way you want." spaul, United States
"Excellent support from Mark. I use a MacBook Pro Retina running Parallels and the GUI control panel needed resizing to make it usable. Straightaway, Mark sorted this out making it possible for the user to resize the panel. He has provided an excellent product which allows for disciplined, measurable and consistent trading. I thoroughly recommend this EA." cyprus74, France
"Excellent tool and excellent customer service...I bought in September and i asked recently for some help and they provided a great customer service. Thanks for your support..." Harikrishnabhai Patel, Australia

Reviews for Dashboard Pro/Indicator Matrix

"I have bought numerous products off Mark & I would have to say they are all outstanding. But what exceeds what he has to offer is the after sales support. He is incredibly helpful with all the questions & change requests I have submitted. And is also prompt in responding to emails. There are a lot of people out there in the forex world selling snake oil in an attempt to make a buck, but this product & Mark is not one of them. If anything he over delivers!" Justin Alderson, UK
"A game changer for me - for the better. This completely configurable matrix shows the status of your chosen indicators in each of your chosen timeframes for all of your chosen symbols. No more chart scanning. The Dashboard sends me an email when my trade setup conditions are met. Support has been excellent... even at the weekends." JH Jones, Malaysia
"Works very well, only word much better two: great great !!!!!!! Possibility to customize the dashboard by inserting owners indicators is something fantastic. If you have your own winning strategy this is what he does for you: FIVE STARS !! Particular note for the author: very positive approach with customers and immediate answers, very kind. Fab." fabbry72, Italy
"I own and use many of the RunwiseFX indicators and EA, these are all superior tools and adds value to my trading! The Pro Dashboard works like a charm and helps me keep track of a whole bunch of indicators." Peter, South Africa
"What I have been looking for - for years! First dashboard I have seen where you can insert custom or preferred indicators, other than the usual ones included in such dashboards (like MACD, RSI, etc). I was told this programming could not be done - yet here it is at a very reasonable price. Now I have at-a-glance my special indicators over many timeframes for agreement and better trading. Had issue with installation (my fault) and they got back to me ASAP with a very clear explanation. Good job!!!" Steve Dee, United States