Indicator Settings & Trade Rules Library

Welcome to our library of indicator settings, filters and trade rules for EA based products. The indicator settings are also relvant for indicator based products.

Configuration can easily be added to your EA by using the 'quick load codes' shown in the right hand column. Click CONIG button on EA panel| enter code in Code box | click Download button

Click on the 'Rule Details' link to get more details on what the rule does.


Our new Windows GUI application allows the EA to be more easily configured and provides real-time central control of multiple running EAs, improved alert window, account take profit on equity target and more... all at no extra charge!

Download GUI for EA

Custom Indicator Settings

The following link has settings for popular custom indicators, both free and paid for. You can add as many as you like and the system will signal when they are all in agreement. Must have new default trade rules loaded (quick load code: bi) to act on combined indicator totals - shows 'Entry on Indicators' and 'Exit on Indicators' tick boxes in Trade Rule Controls on EA's panel.

View Custom Indicator Settings Page

Standard Indicator Settings

The following link has settings for standard indicator and our own built-in functions. You can add as many as you like and the system will signal when they are all in agreement. Note, fine to combine with Custom Indicators. Must have new default trade rules loaded (quick load code: bi) to act on combined indicator totals - shows 'Entry on Indicators' and 'Exit on Indicators' tick boxes in Trade Rule Controls on EA's panel.

Note, it's also possible to add standard indicators within EA, via drop-down selection list next to Indicator Name in CONFIG button | Indicator Value to Capture.

View Standard Indicator Settings Page

Other Entry Rules

Alternative entry rules to the indicator based entry/exit shown above.

Rule Descriptionquick load code
Open/close based on our Indicator Combine (click to get it) (inc. SL/TP settings) or Multi Indicator Alert Rule Detailsci-ic
Alert when Indicator Combine enters new zone Rule Detailsci-ica
Alert/open/close based on our Multiple Indicator Matrix. Rule Detailsci-im
Alert/open/close on RunwiseFX Built-in Indicator + RunwiseFX Order Symbols Indicator (to cherry pick symbol) Rule Detailsci-biso
Alert/open/close based combination of FX Trend, FX Power and LightHouse (from Market) Rule Detailsci-fx

Filters - Entry

Filters can be added to any entry rule in order to carry out additional checks before a trade is signaled. More than one filter can be added.
Note, if don't already have an entry rule loaded and just want to use filters then load rule with quick load code f.

Rule Descriptionquick load code
Generic entry/exit on filters passing
(load this if don't have another entry rule loaded) Rule Details
Generic entry/exit filter on configured indicators
This provides a filter that will block trades if configured indicators aren't in agreement. Also, provides 'Exit on Indicators' tick box. Rule Details
Advanced Dashboard for Currency Strength and Speed Rule Details f-adcs
Bounce from SupplyDemand indicator levels Rule Details f-sd
Buy/Sell zone set by user Rule Details f-bsz
Heiken-Ashi Rule Details f-ha
MACD in correct direction Rule Details f-mdd
Minimum Gap Between Trades Rule Details f-mtg
Moving average above/below price Rule Details f-ma
Moving angle (express as pips) Rule Details f-maa
Moving average in correct direction Rule Details f-mad
Moving average fast/slow period cross  Rule Details f-max
Moving average fast/slow min pip distance  Rule Details f-maxd
Moving average high/low of closed candle below/above value  Rule Details f-mahl
Filter out sideways/flat/choppy markets with ADX Rule Details f-adx
Filter out sideways/flat/choppy markets with runwiseFX Market Trending indicator to help prevent 'whipsaw' trades Rule Details f-mt
News avoid - don't take trade if close to news Rule Details f-na
No trade if close to support/resistance 1 lines Rule Details f-nsr1
PipFinite Impulse Pro in agreement Rule Details f-pip
PipFinite Trend Pro in agreement Rule Details f-ptp
PipFinite Trend Pro upper timeframe in agreement Rule Details f-utlp
Price action (closed candle bearish for buy, visa versa for sell) Rule Details f-pa
Price below/above max/min Rule Details f-mmbs
RunwiseFX Trend of selected timeframes in agreement Rule Details f-rwtr
Trade/Signal On/Off with start/end times Rule Details f-oo
Z-Winner Trend Strength > 80% (indicator must be present on chart) Rule Details f-zwts

Grid System

A grid system allows you to profit when a symbol is ranging rather than trending in one direction. Our implementation uses all the capabilities of our EA, e.g. can optionally stop/exit grid prior to high impact news. Buttons are provided on the panel to stop the grid and to close all trades.

Rule Descriptionquick load code
Four (configurable) levels up and down grid with optional exit prior to high impact news Rule Details g

Rules Based on Candle Size/'Color' etc, inc. Heiken-Ashi, Price Action

In addition to indicator values, rules can take action based on candle prices, whether regular candles or other types, such as the popular Heiken-Ashi  or Smoothed Heiken-Ashi. The high/low, open/close and candle color can all be used in the rule to decided what to do. It is also possible to look either at the candle just closed, or the last two or three (say).

Rule Descriptionquick load code
Alert/open when regular candle closes with sufficient body size (in pips) and with the right color Rule Details c-cc
Alert/open if candle opens pips above/below high/low Rule Details c-ohl
Alert/open when Heiken-Ashi candle closes with sufficient body size (in pips) and with the right color Rule Details c-cc2
Alert/Open on Heiken-Ashi Smoothed with optional confirmation on upper timeframe and optional Heiken-Ashi Smoothed Exit Rule Detailsc-has
Alert/Open on Moving Average and Heiken-Ashi on different timeframes Rule Detailsc-hama
Exit on Heiken-Ashi Candle Closing with Opposite Color Rule Detailsc-hax

Automatically Setup Pending Orders plus Slant-able Pending Lines

Rules can also setup pending orders. The trigger price can be based on candle high/low/close/open, indicator values or on a price entered in manually on the EA control panel. It is also possible to configure slant-able pending lines, i.e. where a trade is opened when the price reaches/breaks through a slanted trend line. All pending orders are set using our hidden (virtual) pending orders.

Rule Descriptionquick load code
Set pending lines on entered price - auto setting limit/stop type Rule Details p
Set pending lines based on previous high/low with offset Rule Details p-hl
Slant-able pending lines Rule Details p-s
Set pending order on stop loss hit, offset by market price Rule Details p-slh
Reset pending order on stop loss hit, i.e. persistent pending order Rule Details p-pp
Set pending orders offset from market price by given offset percentage Rule Details p-op
Set pending orders on low spread after given time Rule Details p-st
Cancel pending orders after close of barRule Details p-cc

Display Information on Chart

Information such as indicator values and trade status can be displayed on the chart by the rules and updated in real-time. This can be done for multiple timeframes, if required.

Rule Descriptionquick load code
Display matrix of popular indicator values for multiple timeframes. Indicators include ADX, RSI, Momentum, CCI, OsMA, MACD, SAR, WPR, MA. Rule Details d
Display matrix calculated on new candle with optional alert for selected timeframe Rule Details d-2
Display trade profit status in big text Rule Details d-bt
Display configured magic number on control panel Rule Details d-mn
Display candle length (high-low) in pips above candle Rule Details d-cl
Display trend lines based on swing hi and lo Rule Details d-tl

Additional Exit Rules

Includes automatic exit just before a news event. Nothing can blow you trade/account out of the water more than a high impact news event. The market can even move beyond your broker stop loss in single tick. Similarly, not leaving trades open over the weekend is also important, as the market could resume after the weekend with a price gap beyond your stop loss.

Rule Descriptionquick load code
Auto close on opposite entry signal Rule Detailse-eo
Auto close trade just before high impact news related to the currency pair (highly recommended) Rule Details e-n
Auto close trade at a specific time, entered on control panel Rule Details e-t
Auto close open trades just before market close on a Friday (highly recommended) Rule Details e-m
Auto close trade when price reaches moving average (inc. EMA) Rule Details e-ma
Auto close trade when price retraces back to moving average Rule Details e-ma2
Auto close trade when profit amount reached (including multi-trade mode) Rule Details e-atp
Auto close all trades on equity/total pip profit target Rule Details e-gtp
Auto close all trades on equity-balance Rule Details e-gtpe
Auto close all trades when equity drops below minimum (with optional trail) Rule Details e-gsl
Auto close when price reaches Bollinger Band Rule Details e-bb
Auto close on amount for stop loss and/or take profit Rule Details e-ast
Auto close on reverse candle where close above previous high/low Rule Details e-cr
Auto close on Stochastic cross Rule Details e-sc
Auto partial close on stop loss Rule Details e-psl
Auto close or alert on price reaching trend line as take profit Rule Details e-tl
Auto close or alert on price hitting trend line as stop loss Rule Details e-tlsl
Auto close on PipFinite's Exit Scope Rule Details e-pfes
Auto close on PipFinite's Breakout Analyzer Rule Details e-pfba
Auto close on price action (opposite candle) Rule Details e-pa
Auto close on price action (opposite candle & > % of previous) Rule Details e-pap
Auto close on HAM Indicator opposite color Rule Details e-ham
Auto close on Heiken-Ashi opposite color Rule Details e-ha
Auto scale-out on pips loss reached Rule Details e-so
Take profit exit on pips profit reached (based on achieved open price) Rule Details e-tp
Take profit on daily profit for symbol reaching target Rule Details e-dpt

Additional Script Rules

Rules can also be executed when a configured button or key is pressed - giving a script-like capability

Rule Descriptionquick load code
Write chart data to CSV file for entered number of candles on button press Rule Details s-cd
Hotkey open trade on key press Rule Details s-hko
Multi-trade close with profit shown Rule Details s-mtc
Open both buy and sell on button press Rule Details s-ob
Add buy/sell buttons that use next available magic number Rule Details s-bsnm

Miscellaneous Rules

Various miscellaneous rules

Rule Descriptionquick load code
Multiple trade open on each market tick Rule Details m-mo
Open on next candle/bar Rule Details m-on
Re-open trade on take profit Rule Details m-tpre
Reset for new trade on new candle Rule Details m-ncrs
Reset for new trade on take profit Rule Details m-tprs
Enable/disable Auto Mode for specific time of day Rule Details m-tt
Set stop loss to trail after candle closed Rule Details m-toc
Add text box to panel to allow max spread for trade open to be set Rule Details m-sms
Add tick box to panel to turn on/off 'One Cancels Other' for pending orders Rule Details m-oco
Set for break even when particular trade duration is reached Rule Details m-bed
Clear stop loss trail when break even price reached Rule Details m-ctbe
Open trade at specific time of day Rule Details m-te
Open additional orders if trade goes against direction Rule Details m-aoga
Set stop loss based on high/low of closed candle Rule Details m-slhl
Set stop loss based on FX Trend indicator Rule Details m-slft
Set stop loss based on ZigZagColor MT5 indicator Rule Details m-slzz
Set take profit levels based on moving averages Rule Details m-tpma
Trail stop loss on new high/lowRule Details m-nhlt
Trail stop loss on recent highest/lowest Rule Details m-bslt
Trail stop loss on specified profit with specified step Rule Details m-aslt
Trail stop loss on steps in profit with offset Rule Details m-aslt2

Built-In Rules

These are the default rules rules for the EA. The bi rule is installed by default on a new installation of the EA. The other rules can be download from here.

Rule Descriptionquick load code
Auto entry/exit based on configured indicators Rule Details

Note, existing users prior to June 2019 will need to download this rule to make use of our new way of configuring indicators
Stoploss reverse Rule Details bi-slr
Close all trades button, i.e. all open trades on the account Rule Details bi-ca