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To contact our support team please use the email below. Support is available even to trial users. We aim to respond to emails within a few hours. Support hours are weekdays 9am-5pm GMT.

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How do I change the position of the panel on the chart?

You can set this via inputs that begin with Box_.

Can I install your product on multiple instances of MetaTrader without using additional activations?

Yes provided they are on the same computer. The 5 product activations of MetaTrader Market only applies to different hardware. Note, if you purchase direct from us then you get a per user license so activations aren't limited to to just 5.

Will the EA work on a VPS?

Yes provided MetaTrader can be installed on the VPS itself.

How can I make the EA look better with 125% system font size?

Just change the following EA input properties Main_additionalGUISizing=5, Gen_GUIFontSize=7. You may also wish to reduce Gen_askBidPricesSizeAsk and

Can I still use the manual buttons when in auto mode?

Absolutely. One of the big positives with the EA is that you can work manually, semi-automatically and fully automatically and easily go between them. For example, if you decide to manually take a trade before the auto rules lineup then the EA won't allow the rules to open an additional trade, unless the rule is specifically written to scale-in.

Can I use the EA with Renko chart?

Absolutely. Just set EA input Obscure_simulateRealTicksInTimer and Option_usingRenkoCharts to true to true.

I tried typing in a value on the EA control panel and it just changed back when I clicked away?

After you have entered the value press the Return key and that will get the EA to use your new value. Note, if you've set to risk % or amount per trade then lots will be updated automatically, so would need to switch to setting lots directly in CONFIG button | Risk/Lots.