groundbreaking functionality for the MetaTrader platform

Default Entry/Exit Rules Based on Configured Indicators - Quick Load Code: bi

Adds tick boxes to allow entry and exit when configured indicators are in agreement, subject to the thresholds set in CONFIG | General Settings. The Auto Mode says if should alert, trade one-off, or trade continuous. The rule works by looking at the total % of indicators in agreement for entry and % gone in opposite direction for exit and then signals entry/exit as appropriate.

This second version will add 'Exit Min Bars' box which will ensure that a trade has been opened for this number of bars/candles before exit on opposite signal can happen. Default is 1 which means exit can't happen on the candle where the trade was opened, but needs to be at least the next one. Also adds 'Exit Min RRR' which if not blank is the minimum risk/reward the trade needs to have achieved before exit on indicators is possible.
The quick load code is: bi-2

The next version has a 'Exit Profit' box, which is the minimum profit for exit on indicators to be possible. The default value of 0 means the trade must be break even or in profit for exit to be allowed if indicators go bad. This gives a chance for the trade to get going. If set 'Exit Profit' blank then turns off this check.
The quick load code is: bi-3

Auto Entry/Exit on Indicators with Auto Loss Recovery - Quick Load Code: bi-alr

When trade is open the stop loss will be replaced with a thick yellow line, which marks the start of auto loss recovery if it is reached. If the price doesn't deteriorate to this line then the trade will be as normal, e.g. with configured take profits. However, if the price does deteriorates to the original stop loss then auto loss recovery will activate. This will open a hedge order and show cyan colored target lines above and below, which indicate where auto loss recovery will be complete. A white line is also show where original entry price is. Should the price recover to the entry price then another order will be opened in the same direction as the original trade. These additional orders are sized such that the trade will approximately break even with if either the upper or lower cyan colored recovery complete lines are reached. Additional orders are opened if the price was to again deteriorate to the original stop loss price and so on. When auto loss recovery is activated the original TP will no longer be used.

This rule will work for both auto trades and manual trades and both directions can be handled if need be. Note, the auto exit on indicators will only work if trade is in profit as otherwise it would interfere with any loss recovery. The 'Rcvr sell' and 'Rcvr buy' boxes should left alone and will show current step of recovery, but can be set to OFF to turn off auto loss recovery. 'Rcvr Mulplr' is used to work our cyan recovery lines, which are offset from original entry and original stop loss based on this number multiplied by the original stop loss in pips. The 'Rcvr Step' gives a list of values which are used to size the additional orders, separated by |. Note, this rule puts the EA to be in multi-trade mode, as this is needed to manage the additional orders.

When auto loss recovery is activated the SL and TP are still used as a backup but are positioned just outside the recovery zone, i.e. cyan colored lines.

Auto Entry/Exit on Indicators Near Open Price - Quick Load Code: bi-o

Will only open trade after indicators signalled if the entry price is near candle open price. Set 'Open Offset' with max offset to be allowed, in pips, from candle open. Can use % for percentage of Average Daily Range. If negative value supplied then price will need to better than open price, e.g. if small re-tracement/pull-back happens after the entry signal. Set 'Open Shift' to the open price to used, if 0 then will be open of candle where signal happened, if 1 then will be candle before that. Set to blank to just use open price of current live candle. Set 'Open Bars' to max duration (in bars/candles) that the open needs to happen from the moment of the trade signal. Note, indicators do not need to be to still be signalling at the moment of entry when price is within range of the open price.

This second version will honour things like trading hours checks before opening near open price. Quick load code: bi-o2

Sets Pending Orders on High/Low upon Indicator Signal - Quick Load Code: bi-phl

Sets bracketed pending orders when configured indicators come into agreement. Those pending orders are based on the high/low of the closed candle before the signal. A text box 'PHL Offset' is used to supply additional pips to be added to the high/low. If set blank then goes to normal entry based Auto Mode. Note, auto exit on opposite signal is turned off, by default, in case indicators don't match pending order that gets triggered and thus would cause an immediate exit! Note, only sets up pending orders if trade not already open in either direction. Note, make sure indicators have Use For Reset ticked for at least one, as 'Auto reset for new alert/trade on opposite signal' of CONFIG | General Settings won't work when setting pending orders rather than generating a market trade open signal.

The following second version will only set one pending order in the trade signal direction, still based on hi/low, as appropriate. Quick load code: bi-phl2

Reverse Entry/Exit Rules Based on Configured Indicators - Quick Load Code: bi-r

As default rule but reverse entry/exit, i.e. will open buy when overall indicator result shows sell/red (-100) and visa versa for sell. IMPORTANT: Make sure high speed testing is turned off in CONFIG | Options as that uses hardcoded regular entry rule.

Stoploss Reverse - Quick Load Code: bi-slr

Adds stoploss reverse tick box and underlining rule.

An alternative version of stop loss reverse rule is available that is permanently on until unticked manually. Quick load code: bi-slr2

This third version is also on permanently on but also offers a Max Profit text box. If this set then will turn off SL reverse if max profit target is reached. Will turn back on again if no trade is open. Note, if Max Profit if blank then will work the same as bi-slr2. Quick load code: bi-slr3

This forth version with set the reverse trade based on the original trade, in terms of SL, TP and lots. Useful if want the reverse trade to recover loss in the previous trade. Will set SL of reverse trade to open price of original trade. Will set TP based on stop loss size of original trade multiplied by supplied factor in 'TP Multi' box (note spread will added as well). Will set lots based on original trade multiplied by supplied factor in 'Lots Multi' box. The default is where half the TP but twice the lots will be used on the reverse trade, with a view to recovering the loss of the original trade. Note, to turn rule off set the Lots Multi box to blank. Note, can also set EA input User_configNum1 to pips to add to reverse TP, e.g. to cover commission. Quick load code: bi-slr4

This rule doesn't support hedging, so 'broker supports hedging' is turned off in CONFIG | Options if load this rule.

Close All Trade Button - Quick Load Code: bi-ca

Adds button to panel that will close all trades open on the account. Has confirmation message box, prior to close happening.

A second version will not do the confirm on button press and simply go ahead with the close. Quick load code: bi-ca2