groundbreaking functionality for the MetaTrader platform

Exit On Opposite Entry Signal - Quick Load Code: e-eo

Adds tick box to panel which if ticked will exit trade when open signal occurs in the opposite direction.

Exit Trade Before News Event - Quick Load Code: e-n

Nothing can blow you trade/account out of the water more than a high impact news event. The market can even move beyond your stop loss in single tick, causing you potentially lose a significant percentage of your account! We are horrified by the number of traders requesting EAs in Freelance with no mention of automatic news event handling - they can easily sneak up on you. This rule will automatically close your trade before a news event on a currency related to your trade. The rule can be turned on and off interactively via a control panel tick box with the caption 'Auto News Exit'.

Note, EA input properties of News_impactsForRules and News_secsPriorToNewsForAction can control what impacts and how many seconds before a news event that the close happens. Make sure that the news events are correctly being displayed at the top of the EA control panel. The rule will also report how many seconds before the exit will occur.

Exit at Specific Time - Quick Load Code: e-t

Will close an open trade when the server time reaches a time specified in a 'close time' text box on the control panel. Format of time is HH:MM or HH:MM:SS. If text box is empty then the close will not happen.

Exit Trades Just Before Market Close On A Friday - Quick Load Code: e-m

Will do close trade on any trades being managed by the EA when the server time reaches 23:30 on a Friday. Note, runwiseFX recommends closing all trades before the market closes on a Friday, as it may re-open at price further away than your stop loss! You can change the default time via CONFIG | Rule GUI Controls and selet textBox.friExit and change default value and Save.

Exit After Bars/Candles if Profit Pips Not Reached - Quick Load Code: e-mbmp

After trade has been open for number of candles/bars set in 'Min Bars' box then will exit trade if profit is less than 'Min Pips' box

Exit Trade When Price Reaches Moving Average - Quick Load Code: e-ma

Fully configurable with on panel controls, including tick box to turn on exit. Will report distance in pips from current price to MA. Also, has option to use close price rather than current market price when checking price reaching MA.

Exit Trade Price Retraces Back to Moving Average - Quick Load Code: e-ma2

This works in the opposite way to our e-ma rule, i.e. will close buy when price closes below MA line. Useful for where MA is effectively a moving stop loss line.

Exit Trade when Profit Amount Reached (including multi-trade mode) - Quick Load Code: e-atp

Set 'TP Amnt' box with target amount and will exit trades that the EA is managing, i.e. including multi-trade mode, when overall profit reaches that amount. If box blank then will turn off.

An alternative version tooks at the profit in pips of tickets currenly open for symbol. Will do exit when supplied pip profit target is reached. Quick load code: e-atp2

Exit Trade on Specific Indicator(s) - Quick Load Code: e-indi

Allows specific indicators to be supplied that will trigger exit when they signal in the opposite direction. Use 'Exit Indi 1' and optionally Exit Indi 2 to supply the indicator reference IDs (as used in CONFIG | Indicator Values to Capture). Use 'Exit %' boxes to supply the percentage of the original trade to exit. Finally, you can use 'Exit Adj' list boxes to also set for break even and/or trail SL when the indicator goes opposite. Tip: Don't forget you can CONFIG | Rule GUI Controls set default values for these boxes and hide them if you don't want to see them on the panel.

Exit Trade on Take Profit / Exit (including multi-trade mode) - Quick Load Code: e-otp

Will close all trades on symbol when a trade in either direction reaches take profit or is closed due to indicators, i.e. not closed due to stop loss.

Exit All Trades on Equity or Total Pip Target - Quick Load Code: e-gtp

Set target using 'Global TP @' which can either be equity amount or pips. Then use Global TP selection list to select between closing all trades on equity reaches target or total pip profit of open trades. The _EVL versions will set Auto Mode to evaluate as well as close all trades. Note, the charts/trades afected are all charts running our EA, i.e. only need to set one chart for close/evaluate to happen on others.

Version 2 below will work on entire account (regardless on whether symbol has EA running for it) - quick load code: e-gtp2

Exit All Trades on Equity-Balance, i.e. profit on open trades - Quick Load Code: e-gtpe

Looks at difference between current equity and balance, i.e. current profit/loss on open trades, and will close all trades on account if reached specified 'Equity TP' or 'Equity SL'. Set to blank to turn off. For example, if 'Equity TP' is 100 and 'Equity SL' is 50 then will exit when open trades profit reaches 100, or loss reaches -50. If 'Trail on Equity TP Hit' is ticked then when Equity TP is reached it won't exit but will set Equity SL such that will trail peak equity by Equity TP amount, i.e. intended for profit capture. You can also set 'Trail Step' to trail SL in discrete steps, as specified by value in box, else leave blank.

Exit All Trades When Equity Drops Below Minimum (plus Optional Trail) - Quick Load Code: e-gsl

Set min equity using 'Global SL @' which if account equity goes below all trades will be closed, i.e. global stop loss. There is also an optional trail facility which if ticked will trail the global stop loss if equity of account increases. Finally, if 'Global SL Auto Off' is ticked then will also set Auto Mode to EVL (Evaluate) so won't open anymore trades until manually turned back on again.

Exit On Price Reaching Bollinger Band - Quick Load Code: e-bb

If 'BB Exit' is tick then will close sell trade when price reaches lower Bollinger Band, else when price reaches upper band.

Exit on Amount for Stop Loss / Take Profit - Quick Load Code: e-ast

Will exit trade when loss on trade reaches specified stop loss amount (in account currency) and/or profit reaches specified take profit. Set text box to blank to turn off. Also features optinal trail SL tick box, where will exit when the amount come back down from peak profit reaches the stop loss amount.

This second version allows a profit amount to specified before trailing of SL will start. This gives a trade a chance to get going before trailing begins. You can also specify a different SL amount to trail with, once the trailing has started. Set 'Trail Start' to profit amount at which trailing will start (can set to blank to turn off). Set 'SL on Start' to amount to trail with. If blank then will just use 'SL Amnt'. Quick Load Code: e-ast2

Exit on Reverse Candle Where Close Above Previous High/Low - Quick Load Code: e-cr

Adds 'Candle Reverse Exit' tick box to panel, which if ticked will close trade if close price is above high of previous candle if sell trade, or below low if buy trade.

Exit on Stochastic Cross - Quick Load Code: e-sc

Adds 'Stoch Exit' tick box to panel, which if ticked will close trade when signal and main cross. Use EA input User_configBool2 to turn on exit by default.

Auto Partial Close on Stop Loss - Quick Load Code: e-psl

Provides partial stop loss functionality by allowing you to specify the number of pips which if trade is in loss by will trigger a partial close, with specified percentage. Use the 'Partial Pips' text box to specify number of pips, e.g. if put 10 then if trade losing by 10 pips will cause partial close. Use 'Exit %' selection list to set percentage of trade to close. Note, if you select OFF then no action will be taken if Partial Pips is reached. Note, as with all partial closes, it is subject to the min lot size and lot step that your broker stipulates on your account.

Exit or Alert on Price Reaching Trend Line - Quick Load Code: e-tl

Puts list boxes on panel that will create trend lines on the chart when select either alert or exit when the price reaches the line. In other words, the trend line acts a slanted take profit/alert line. You can select the trend line and position it to where you like.

Exit or Alert on Price Hitting Trend Line as Stop Loss- Quick Load Code: e-tlsl

Puts list boxes on panel that will create trend lines on the chart when select either alert or exit when the price reaches the line. In other words, the trend line acts a slanted stop loss/alert line. You can select the trend line and position it to where you like.

Exit on PipFinite's Exit Scope - Quick Load Code: e-pfes

Supports auto closing both on Exit Scope signal and Exit Scope strong signal. Set 'Exit Scope %' with the percentage of trade to exit when Exit Scope signals exit and 'ES Strong %' to percentage to exit when Exit Scope gives strong signal to exit. Set boxes to either 0 or blank to turn off particular exit. By default will exit 50% (half of position) on Exit Scope ordinary signal and 100% on Exit Scope strong signal.

Exit on PipFinite's Breakout Analyzer - Quick Load Code: e-pfba

Exit Price Action (Opposite Candle) - Quick Load Code: e-pa

Will exit on closed candle appearing of opposite color. Also adds 'Exit PA pips' text box that allows you to say how many pips price needs to have gone past close price of opposite candle, as additional confirmation. The default is 0 which effectively turns off this check. Note, will make sure trade been open for a least a candle before doing exit via this rule.

The following alternative version will check for opposite candle but also that the trade has retraced sufficiently from the trade's peak. The 'Req Retrc' box (required retracement) is the precentage of peak profit that trade is now at or less. The default of 75 means that the trade has had to have retraced by 25% or more for exit, i.e. 75% or less of trade's peak profit remains. The 'Min Bars' box allow chance for trading to get going before the rule becomes active, e.g. value 2 means need to have two complete closed candles since trade was opened for exit rule to be active (set blank to turn check off). The 'Min Pips' can be set to give minimum peak pips that needs to have been achieved (set blank to turn check off) Also, has optional re-entry in opposite direction, via 'Retrc Exit Re-enter' check box, if exit happens due to this rule. Note, there is also a check that the trade has been open for one complete candle, or more, before exit by this rule is possible. Quick load code: e-pa2

Exit Price Action (Opposite Candle & > prev candle) - Quick Load Code: e-pap

Will exit on closed candle appearing of opposite color and where the size of the candle is at least a precentage of the candle before. Use 'Exit PA %' text box to set the is percentage, or set to blank to turn off. Note, will make sure trade been open for a least a candle before doing exit via this rule.

Exit on HAM Indicator Opposite Color - Quick Load Code: e-ham

Exit on Heiken-Ashi Opposite Color - Quick Load Code: e-ha

Exit on Object Appearance On Chart - Quick Load Code: e-obj

Will exit when arrow object appears on the chart, placed by an indicator. Set 'Exit Obj' to part of the name of object, to help identify the correct objects. The 'Exit Shift' is which candle where exit indicator first appears, shift 1 means candle just close. If appears on live candle then set to 0. Can set 'Exit Obj' to blank to turn this exit off.

The 2nd version allow separate objects to be supplied for buy exit and sell exit. Quick load code: e-obj2

Scale-Out On Pips Loss Reached - Quick Load Code: e-so

Provides 3 levels of scale-out as loss amounts reached with text boxes so can set pips and exit %. Note, exit % should be expressed as total percentage to have exited by. For example and set as default will close 25% of trade when -5 pips loss reached, and a further 25%, i.e. 50% in total, when -10 pips reached and a further 25%, i.e. 75% total, when -15 pips reached. Note, you can use the stop loss to close out 100%. You can set a pips box to blank to turn off the particular exit.

A second version can scale-out exit when profit amount, rather than pips, goes below supplied value. It is quick load code: e-so2

Take Profit Pips Exit - Quick Load Code: e-tp

Will exit when pips profit based on open price actually achieved has reached or exceeded the value in 'Exit Pips' box, i.e. will taken into consideration any slippage (say) that happened on trade open. This is different to the normal take profit mechanism, which sets targets based on the quoted prices at the time trade open was requested. Note, can set Exit Pips box to blank to turn off this exit.

Take Profit on Daily Profit for Symbol Reaching Target - Quick Load Code: e-dpt

Will exit trade when profit reaches target including any trades that have already closed during the day. Adds 'Daily Target' box to rule controls which gives the profit amount (in account currency) for the target. When target reached it will also set the Auto Mode to EVL (evaluate), so that no more trades are opened. Can optionally auto re-activate trading on the next day at a certain time given in the 'Reactivate @' box. If this box is blank then won't auto re-activate. Re-activating trading means setting the Auto Mode to TC (trade continuous) for you.

Alternative version that uses pips rather than profit amount. Quick Load Code: e-dpt2