groundbreaking functionality for the MetaTrader platform

Generic Entry/Exit on Filters Passing - Quick Load Code: f

Filters are normally used to add extra checks to an existing entry rule. However, if you just want to trade when filters are in agreement, i.e. passing, then this rule will allow that. It signals trade when filters are in agreement. It can also optionally exit the trade when filters in the opposite direction are in agreement - tick 'Filter Exit' to activate this.

Generic Entry/Exit Filter On Configured Indicators - Quick Load Code: f-i

This filter is intended for legacy configuration rules, i.e. earlier than June 2019, where the user wishes to add new indicators configured via CONFIG button | Indicator Values to Capture | New. The filter will check indicators configured, in this way, are in agreement before allowing trade signal. Also adds option exit on configured indicators going opposite. Note: Make sure any configirued indicators have priority set to Normal or High but not HighAndStart. Filter can be disabled by setting Entry Threshold to blank in CONFIG | General Settings.

Advanced Dashboard for Currency Strength and Speed (fltAdcs) - Quick Load Code: f-adcs

Will permit trade if currency trend strength (left column) of Advanced Dashboard for Currency Strength and Speed custom indicator is in agreement. Adds two text boxes to panel 'Min Diff:' which is minimum difference between base and counter currency and 'Min Curr:' which is minimum required of each currency. Appropriate inversions are made depending if buy or sell and if base or counter currency. Set text box to blank to turn check off.

Note, only need to have Advanced Dashboard running on one chart with EA as it will save the currency values to global variables which can be accessed via other instances of rule on other charts.

Avoid Choppy/Sideways Market with Chopiness Indicator Choppiness Index Indicator (fltChopI) - Quick Load Code: f-cpi

Will allow trade if index just dipped below 61.8 level or gone below 38.2.

Avoid Overbought Buy or Oversold Sell on Quantum Swing Index QSI (fltAOSOBqsi) - Quick Load Code: f-osbq

Will block buy trade if QSI is above 70 and block sell if QSI is less than 30.

Avoid Overbought Buy or Oversold Sell on Stochastic (fltAOSOBs) - Quick Load Code: f-osbs

Will block buy trade if Stochastic is above 80 and block sell if Stochastic is less than 20.

Here is a second instance that uses Kperiod = 20, Dperiod = 10 and slowing = 20. Quick Load Code: f-osbs2

Avoid Trade Just After Candle Openend (fltBarDelay) - Quick Load Code: f-nbd

Will block trade for first few seconds after candle opened, with a view to seeing if indicators still in agreement after this and opening if they are. Set 'Bar Delay:' box to number of seconds should wait after candle opened before allowing trade if indicators are still in agreement. Can set to blank to turn filter off. Useful for avoiding market setiment change that happens when candle opens. IMPORTANT: Make sure you don't have 'Only Open Trade on New Candle' ticked in CONFIG | Options.

Bounce from SuppyDemand Indicator Levels (fltSupDem) - Quick Load Code: f-sd

Will only permit trade to be signaled if the open price of previous candle was in/on a supply demand level, as drawn by the SupplyDemand indicator. Or the close price of the two most recent closed candles. For a sell trade it must have been a maroon colored block that and blue for buy trade. This will check that trades have some from a support/resistance zone as draw by the indicator. Also has a optional 'Wick Offset' box which if set (not blank) then look at candle wicks as well and will also okay trade if wick + offset is within support/resistance.

Here is an alernative version that will block long trade if previous 2 candles in maroon zone and block short trades if previous 2 is dark blue zone. Quick load code: f-sd2

Buy/Sell Allowed Direction Set on Panel - Quick Load Code: f-bsa

Adds Direction select list where can select allowed trade direction for auto market order trades. Note, you can set the default via CONFIG | Rule GUI Controls and select listBox.direction and change Default Value as required and Save. Note, if set to NONE then no trade will be allowed. Works on automatic market orders.

This second version will also ignore any pending orders that are not in the selected direction, when market price reaches the pending order. If pending order is ignored then it will be deleted.

Buy/Sell Zone - Quick Load Code: f-bsz

Will place two green lines on chart that will be buy zone and two red for sell zone. Manually move lines to desired levels. Will check that price is in corresponding zone before allowing trade. Also provides tick box so check can easily be turned on/off.

The following second version will use global variables to save the location of lines, so they preserved if you change chart period, restart MetaTrader, etc. There is also a reset button to put the lines back to default. Quick load code: f-bsz2

Heiken-Ashi - Quick Load Code: f-ha

Will check Heiken-Ashi is in agreement, i.e. correct color for direction of trade. Also, has 'Max Wick' text box which if set (not blank) will check lower wick on buy and upper wick on sell is not greater than this value.

Max Daily Trades and/or Profit % for Symbol - Quick Load Code: f-mdtp

Allows max daily trades and/or profit percent to be specified, which when reached will prevent further trades on the chart symbol. Set 'Max Trades' for max trades allowed or blank to not filter on this. Set 'Max Profit %' for max profit as a percentage on account balance (don't include % sign though), or set to blank to not filter on this. Finally, you can set 'Max Start' to a time of day for check to apply from. Set this as server time, e.g. 8:00. As with other rules, you can set default values for these boxes in CONFIG | Rule GUI Controls.

Max Lots Allowed - Quick Load Code: f-mxl

Will not allow a trade if calculated lot size is greater than 'Max Lots' text box value. Can set to blank to turn check off.

Min Bars Gap Between Trades - Quick Load Code: f-mtg

Will not allow a trade if too close to previous trade on the chart symbol. Set the minimum gap with the Trade Gap text box, which is in the form of number of bars/candles of current chart. Value of 0 would mean one trade can happen on each bar. 1 would mean 1 bar (candle) gap between each trade. Can set to blank to turn off.

Moving Average Angle (expressed in pips) - Quick Load Code: f-maa

Will examine angle of moving average between a candle earlier (default is 5 candles earlier - Shift=5) and most recent closed candle. Provides 'MA Angle' box where min angle for trade can but supplied. NOTE: Angle is expressed in pips difference between the two prices (not degrees) for technical reasons.

Moving Average Max Angle (expressed in pips) - Quick Load Code: f-maxa

Will examine angle of moving average between a candle earlier (default is 5 candles earlier - Shift=5) and most recent closed candle. Provides 'MAmax Angl' box where max angle for trade can be supplied. NOTE: Angle is expressed in pips difference between the two prices (not degrees) for technical reasons.

Moving Average Direction - Quick Load Code: f-mad

Will check that moving average is in correction direction, i.e. moving up for buy, and prevent trade if not. To change period of moving average edit indicator properties for fltMADir and fltMADir2. Note, fltMADir is closed candle value of MA and fltMADir2 is value of candle before that - used to work out slope.

Moving Average Cross - Quick Load Code: f-max

Will check fast moving average has cross slow moving average.

Moving Average Cross Min Pip Distance - Quick Load Code: f-maxd

Alternative to f-max that will check distance between moving averages is no less that a 'Min MA Diff' text box value (in pips). Note, designed to be used instead of f-max and will replace it if that filter is already loaded. Can set Min MA Diff box to blank to turn filter off.

Moving Average High/Low Below/Above It's Value - Quick Load Code: f-mahl

Will check that low of closed candle is above moving average (fltMAHL) for buy and high of candle below for sell. Also has optional exit where will exit buy if high of closed candle is below MA or low above for exiting sell. This can be turned on by ticked 'MA HighLo Exit' tick box.

A second version will check for extra pips for entry or exit beyond what is normally triggered on. Use 'MAHL Etry p' to give extra entry pips and 'MAHL Exit p' for extra exit pips. To turn exit off set 'MAHL Exit p' to blank. Quick load code: f-mahl2

MACD Direction - Quick Load Code: f-mdd

Will check that MACD is in correction direction, e.g. moving up for buy, and prevent trade if not

PipFite Impulse Pro Load Code: f-pip

RunwiseFX Order Symbols on Indicator Check - Quick Load Code: f-osi

The RunwiseFX Order Symbols Indicator is used to check the symbol is performing well compared to other symbols, i.e. is (say) top three of the ordered list. Will void trade signal if not. The maximum order number is selectable via selection list. Can be switched to OFF is want to turn off filter. Note, the Order Symbols indicator must be running on at least one chart and containing the symbol to be traded and be on the same time frame. VERY IMPORTANT: The indicator input Main_storeOrderInGlobalVariables for the Order Symbols indicator must be to set true.

A second version allows multiple time frames to be checked and permitting different Max Order for each. Will only void trade signal if the symbol is not performing sufficiently well for the selected time frames. Set the 'Mx Ord' box to blank if want to turn off check for that time frame.
IMPORTANT: Again Order Symbols must be running on a chart for the symbols and time frames to be examined. The Main_storeOrderInGlobalVariables input to Order Symbols must be set to true.
TIP: Don't forget, you can use the Hidden tick box in CONFIG | Rule GUI Controls to hide any boxes from the main panel. The references IDs for the time frames boxes are numbered 0 upwards, e.g. maxOrder0 is for M1.
Quick Load Code: f-osi2

RSI Above/Below 50 - Quick Load Code: f-rsi

Filter Out Flat/Choppy Markets with ADX - Quick Load Code: f-adx

Useful for trend following strategies where trades will be prevented in flat/choppy markets, i.e. when not trending. This can help prevent repeated entry/exits of unprofitable trades, called whipshaw'ing. Will filter out if ADX (MetaTrader built-in indicator) is < 'Filter ADX...' value. Set to blank to turn filter off.

Filter Out Flat/Choppy Markets with runwiseFX Market Trending - Quick Load Code: f-mt

Useful for trend following strategies where trades will be prevented in flat/choppy markets, i.e. when not trending. This can help prevent repeated entry/exits of unprofitable trades, called whipshaw'ing.

Friday No Trade - Quick Load Code: f-nfri

Will block auto trades being opened on Friday

FX Volume % Change on Total/Base/Counter - Quick Load Code: f-fxv

Looks at % change volume over last candle, e.g. last hour if H1 chart, for the FX Volume indicator available in Market. Allows minimum values to be specified for total, base and counter change in %. Can set to blank to turn off. The filter can be used to check that volume is increasing, both totally and in terms for base and counter currencies. Note, also outputs the calculated values on the panel, shown as t for total, b for base and c for counter. Tip: Can increase number of bars to check for by increasing Shift Box setting on indicators with reference ID fxv*S1.

News Avoid - Don't Take Trade If Close To News - Quick Load Code: f-na

Adds 'News Avoid' selection list which if set to 'before' will prevent the EA from opening a trade before a high impact news event. The threshold for this can be set via EA input News_secsPriorToNewsForNoAction (in secs), which by default is set for 1 hour. Optionally, can also avoid trade just after news, with threshold set by input News_secsAfterNewsForAction, default also 1 hour. Set to BA (before and after) to do this latter check as well.

News Trade - Trade Just After News - Quick Load Code: f-nt

Adds 'Max News' which will block trading if time since news is great than this value. Use this filter to limit your trades to just after news event. Can set 'Max News'.

No Trade If Near Pivot Line (Daily and/or Weekly) - Quick Load Code: f-npv

No trade if close to daily pivot and/or weekly pivot. How close is given by 'Daily Pivot' and 'Weekly Pivot' boxes, in pips. Set blank to turn filter off. Useful to avoid trades when open price is close to pivot line, where the market can often reverse.

No Trade If Near Support/Resistance - Quick Load Code: f-nsr1

No trade if close to RunwiseFX support 1 (if sell) and resistance 1 (if buy). How close is given by 'No SR1 Pips'. If blank then will turn filter off.

PipFinite Trend Pro In Agreement - Quick Load Code: f-ptp

PipFinite Trend Pro (Upper Timeframe) In Agreement - Quick Load Code: f-utlp

By default will check chart timeframe + 3 is in agreement, e.g. if chart M15 then will check H4 in agreement. To change this timeframe click CONFIG | Indicator Values to Capture and select fltUTLPbuy and fltUTLPsell and change period to desired timeframe, e.g. D1, click Save.

Price Action (correct closed candle 'color'): f-pa

Will only enter trade if previous closed candle was bullish for buy and bearish for sell. Will also check that current price is at or beyond the close price of the closed candle. Can use text box 'PA pips' to set minimum pips beyond close price needs to be.

Price Action (closed at better price than previous): f-pabc

Will only enter trade candle closed at better price than previous candle, e.g. for buy then candle just closed (shift 1) needs to have closed at price higher then the close before it (shift 2).

Price below/above max/min - Quick Load Code: f-mmbs

Adds two tick boxes which if ticked will only trade if price below sell price or above buy price, respectively. Ticking the boxes will be display lines on the chart which can be moved to required price. Untick to turn check off.

RunwiseFX Trend of selected timeframes in agreement - Quick Load Code: f-rwtr

Shows tick boxes for various timeframes which if ticked won't trade if timeframe not in agreement. Can select more than one timeframe.

Trade/Signal On/Off with Start/End Times - Quick Load Code: f-oo

Adds 4 start/end times, which can use used to start trading by ticking 'Okay to Trade/Signal' box for you and also end trading, i.e. unticking okay box, and close trades when end time reached. Note, 'Okay to Trade/Signal' can be changed manually as well. If time is blank then will be ignored. Note, time is in server time in hh:mm format.

A second version works work more like the start/end times in CONFIG | General Settings where will only allow trades that fall in the specified start/end times. Note, there is no auto exit when end time is reached - only relevant to trade entry. Use this filter if need more than the two start/ends of General Settings. Quite load code: f-oo2

Trading Hours Per Day of Week - Quick Load Code: f-dth

Allows trading hours to be specified per day of the week in a from-to format. For example, specify 8:00-17:00 to trade from 8am to 5pm on a given day. All times are server/chart time, rather than local time. Note, can miss out :00, i.e. just put 8-17. Can also miss out either from time or to time, e.g. if put 8- then will trade from 8am onwards on that day and putting -17 will trade up until 5pm. Leave the day blank to allow trading all day. Alternatively, set to ! to not trade the whole day.

Tip: You can hide showing the days at the bottom of the panel by going to CONFIG | Rule GUI Controls and selecting each day and unticking the 'Visible' box. Note, days are numer 0 for Sunday up to 5 for Friday. e.g. select Reference ID textBox.dayHrs0 to change Sunday. You can of course set the default value in there as well.

Trade Once Per Day - Quick Load Code: f-opd

Will allow just one trade per day per chart. Adds 'Allow Once Today' tick box, where will only allow trades if ticked. After trade open is detected this will get unticked. The 'Once Reset' time will cause 'Allow Once Today' to be automatically ticked again what that time is reached. The time is in server/chart time.

Z-Winner Trend Strength > 80% (indicator must be present on chart) - Quick Load Code: f-zwts

The indicator must have been added to the chart, as the filter looks for the objects that the indicator places on the chart. Filter shows tick box on panel to turn filter on/off interactively.