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Free Custom Indicator Settings

There are some great free custom indicators available online. In this section we list them with download links and settings required to configure them in our products. If download link is source code (.mq4 or .mq5) then add to chart first to get it compile to .ex4/5. You can click the indicator name, where possible, to get more details on the indicator itself.

Descriptionquick load code

BB Trend & Flat Details


CCI Double Smoothed Wilders EMA MT5 (download link) Details
Trade on orangle/blue color change


CCI Double Smoothed Wilders EMA MT5 (download link) Details
Trade on main signal line crossing 0


CCFP_v1.04cvert Details

Currency based indicator for Forex Trading that checks individual currencies of the currency pair.

Uses Capture Mode 'currency difference' to check lines representing base and counter currencies are crossing each other. Supported currencies are: USD,EUR,GBP,CHF,JPY,AUD,CAD,NZD


Elder_Impulse_MTF (download link) Details


FGDI (download link) - Trade if red line below 1.8 Details

Great indicator to filter out flat/non-trending markets to prevent whipsaw trades. Good example of an indicator that can help cherry pick higher probability trades.

Must combine with other indicator(s) to give buy/sell direction, as this indicator is about saying whether to trade or not, rather than direction. Note, not compatible with Indicator Matrix or Dashboard as doesn't have a direction component. Note, the defautl description for this indicators says need value below 1.5. However, in our testing, below 1.8 is much better as both improves profit and descreases draw down.


Forex Kijun Fluction Indicator MT4 (download link) Details

Contains necessary input properties to turn off the indicators own alerts.


Heiken Ashi Mod (download link) Details

Variant on Heiken Ashi that picks out stronger signals.

The color index 1,0 will signal or red/blue. To signal on grey use color index 3,2.


Kijun-Sen with alerts (MT5) (download link) Details


HMA5 (MT5) Details


HMA Trend Details


Jurik Smoothed Vortex (download link) Details


MelBar Schaff Trend Cycle TEMA Indicator MT5 Details


Non Repainting Super Trend Alerts (download link) Details

Wonderful buy/sell trend direction, using range breakout, which is a great alternative to a moving average cross.


PipTick Heiken Ashi MT5 Details


PTS_DoulbeTopBottom Details

Identifies double top and doubele bottom formations in the price action to give entry signal


SFT Bullet Arrow Details


Super Trend Hull MT5 Details


Traders Dynamic Index (TDI)  (download link MT4 | MT5) - Green Crossing 50 Details

Hugely popular free indicator giving a very visual representation of the market.


Traders Dynamic Index - Red Crossing Yellow Details


Trend Scalp & Arrows  (download link) Details

Another great buy/sell trend indicator that uses different calculation method to Super Trend above.

Note, only indicates buy/sell when market is strong.


Waddah Attar Explosion MTF  (download link) Details

Provides buy/sell indication that takes trade volume into consideration


Paid For Custom Indicator Settings

Here are the settings for popular custom indicators. You must have the indicator already installed on your system. If you have a demo version from Market then have to run our EA in the Strategy Tester after you've configured it - a great way to test indicators before purchase.

Descriptionquick load code

3_ma_cross_with_alert Details


ACB Breakout Arrows (MT5) Details

According to the author's input descriptions, processor load can be reduced by the following input properties: 5000,20,10,0
However, we don't own the indicator to check and the inputs seem to cause the indicator problems in the strategy tester.


ADX Arrow Details


ADX Color Details

Will check blue/red showing for buy/sell, i.e. not yellow


Awesome Oscillator Details


Beast Super Signal (MT4 version)Details

Note, to get stats over 20000 bars then need to correspondingly increase the number of bars that the indicator calculates. This is set as the first input in the Indicator Inputs box.


Beast Super Signal (MT5 version)Details

Note, assumes indicator is on chart as the MetaTrader 5 version puts arrows objects on the chart instead of using color indexes.


Best Currency Strength Indicator Details

Must have indicator on the chart with input Indicate_Signals_in_Chart set to true, as it will look out for the arrow objects that that places on the chart.


binaryarrow Details


BinaryComodos Details




Candle Painter Details


CCIVolumetric Details


Centre of Gravity (MT5) Details


Currency Strength Trader Details


Cynthia_BB Details

The following is for entry on bright color. The darker color can be configured via colorIndex=3,2.


Cynthia_i_Trend Details


Cynthia Signal Entry Stop Details


Donchian Channel - price closed above/below Details

Signals buy when price closes above channel and see if below. Input Properties is the period of Donchian Channel. Can use Hold Bars to remember signal for more than one bar. Can set Mid Point to ! for reversal strategy. If wanted to also Donchian for stop loss then set SL Indexes box to 1,0 and set Mode to Price, also in CONFIG | Stop Loss set auto calulation method to CustomIndicator.


Dynamic RSI Pointer (value crosses upper/lower band) Details

Note, if wish to treat as oversold/overbought then set Mid Point=! (this will reverse) signal).


Easy Trend Details


Free Timing (MT5) Details

This is a reversal oversold/overbought type indicator where will signal buy when indicator crosses below 20 and signal sell when crosses above 70


Gekko MACD Plus (MT5) Details


Heiken Ashi Smoothed Details


HighLowZigZagver1 Details

Note, this indicator repaints so any retrospective stats can't be trusted. Note, requires indicator to be captured twice - once to check if direction and another to check valid.


Hull MA Details


Fibonacci_Retracement (signal on price hitting Fib placed on chart - reversal strategy) Details

Important: This indicator operates on current market price hitting a Fib price target. Therefore, set EA input Option_useOpenPriceInsteadOfClose to true. Tip: If you wish to see trade statistics you need to use Strategy Tester with this particular indicator. To help with this, save Fibonacci_Retracement into a Template called 'Tester' and it will be automatically be added to the chart when running a test with Indicator Combine selected. Run test in Visual Mode.


FML_Gift1_StoRSI Details

Will signal buy when blue line goes above 65 and sell when drops below 35.


FX Trend (trend check)Details

To also get stop loss from FX Trend, set CONFIG | Stop Loss | Calculation Method to CustomIndicator


FX Trend (intensity check) Details

Checks intenisty from FX Trend is above value supplied in Mid Point box (default 75)


FX Power Details

Will signal buy/sell depending on the cross of the currencies. This is an example of where the indicator displays currency strengths in various color index buffers. With capture mode CurrencyDiff, the appropriate indexes will be automatically used depending on the currency pair in question and the setting of input Gen_currencies or via configuration. Note, this configuration contains the correct setting for Gen_currencies, so don't need to alter EA input. Tip: If interested in trading when delta over certain value then set this in Mid Point box.


ForexOFFTrend Details


G Cash IC Breaker Order BlocksDetails

This indicator must be placed on the chart, as the configuration looks for the rectangle objects the indicator places on the chart. Use CONFIG | Indicator Values to Capture | Reference ID 'gcob' to set the time frame interested in via Indicator Inputs. By default is H1 but can change to by replacing H1 with (say) M30. So, for M30 time frame Indicator Inputs would be: RECTANGLE,CM30:,clrGreen,clrRed,F2

Tip: You can add more than on reference to the indicator if you wish to look at multiple time frames.


Lighthouse Details

Note, this indicator doesn't give buy/sell direction, just whether should trade or not, so needs to be combined with another indicator that does give buy/sell indication. Note, we recommend setting Priority=HighAndStart as this can cherry pick trades, where waiting for Lighthouse doesn't delay entry. Note, from our tests Lighthouse doesn't seem to work very well retrospectively, i.e. when looking back, so stats may show very few/no trades.


LT Trend ChartDetails


MACD-2Line Details

The following is for signal and main lines crossing.


Market Scanner Details

Note, need to have indicator on chart for configuraiton to work.


Market Scanner Elite Details

This uses dots, rather than different arrows, which are blue for buy and sell for red. Note, need to have indicator on the chart for configuraiton to work.


Moving Average Currency Meter (red crossed blue line) Details

The number of inputs exceeds maximum allowed for visual editing. So must edit indicator, if need be, via editing configuration file directly in text editor.


Moving Average Currency Meter (price closed beyond blue and red lines) Details

Will trade if price closed beyond both blue and red lines. Works by adding indicator twice with referece macmBlue to check price closed beyond blue line and macmRed for similar check on red line.

The number of inputs exceeds maximum allowed for visual editing. So must edit indicator, if need be, via editing configuration file directly in text editor.


Mr Red Details

Note, need to have indicator on the chart for configuraiton to work.


Noltes Envelope Details

Note, need to have indicator on the chart for configuraiton to work.


Octa Reversal Points Details


PipFinite Breakout Analyzer Details

To prevent the indicator from alerting itself you can set indicator properties to: "X",4,1000,"X",0,0,0,7,0,2,2,8,"X",0,0,0,0,0,"X",0


PipFinite Breakout Edge Details


PipFinite Energy Beam Details


PipFinite Exit Edge Details

By default will exit on normal or strong. If want to exit on strong then change Color Index, via CONFIG button | Indicator Values to Capture, to 3,2. To exit normal only set to 1,0 IMPORTANT: Untick 'Use for Exit' for other indicators if you just want Exit Edge to control exit (in addition to any SL/TP)

Top Tip: It's always a good idea to include exit indicators in entry as well, so the system doesn't try to open trade if would immediately exit! However, if you tick 'Use for Entry' on Exit Edge then will need to reduce Entry Threshold in CONFIG | General Settings, accordingly, as Exit Edge normally signals nothing. So, if have one other indicator than Exit Edge then set Entry Threshold to 50, if have two other indicators then set to 66. This will allow trades even though Exit Edge isn't signalling anything. ALSO set Priority of the entry indicators to High (excluding Exit Edge), so doesn't open trade because of Exit Edge!


PipFinite Razor Scalper Details


PipFinite Strength Meter Details

To prevent the indicator from alerting itself you can set indicator properties to: "X",7,1000,"X",0,0,7,"X",0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,"X",0


PipFinite Swing Control Details

To prevent the indicator from alerting itself you can set indicator properties to: "X",5,5,1000,"X",0,"X",0,0,0,0,"X",0


PipFinite Trend Pro (MT4/MT5) Details


PipFinite Trend Pro (Success Rate Filter) (MT4/MT5) Details

Can be used in conjuction with i-pftp in order to check Trend Pro success rate % of the chart is sufficiently good. Set Mid Point box to minimum success rate for trades to be allowed.


PipFinite Volume Critical (MT4/MT5) Details

Note, just works on extreme over sold, over bought. If over bought (say) the will show down arrow to indicate possible reversal.


PreviousTwoBarsV4 Details


PZ_123Pattern Details

This indicator places arrow objects on the chart which Indicator Combine can be set to look out for. Note, you will have to add the indicator to the chart yourself.


PZ Day Trading Details


PZ Double Top Bottom Details

This indicator places arrow objects on the chart which can be set to be looked out for. Note, the indicator must already be on the chart for these settings to work.


Order Block Breaker Details
(see Details link for important note)

This indicator must be placed on the chart, as the configuration looks for the rectangle objects the indicator places on the chart.
IMPORTANT: You must set indicator input 'Bullish Break Colour' to Aqua, as the configuraiton will look for that color for the buy signal.

Note, you may notice the configuration contains an indicator reference ID of ordBlkTemp. This is to add the indicator in Strategy Tester if only have demo version of Order Block Breaker. Feel free to delete this indicator reference ID - it's disabled by default anyway.


Order Block Breaker (higher time frame analysis check) Details

Will check the optional higher time frame analysis that this indicator provides. This must be enabled via indicator input 'Higher Time Frame Analysis'. Our Priority box is set to HighAndStart, so that if get signal and higher time frame isn't inagreeement then will void the signal.


QQE_Alert_MTF_v5.1 (yellow crossing 50) Details


QQE_Alert_MTF_v5.1 (white crossing yellow) Details


RunwiseFX Trend Strengh (histogram color) Details


RunwiseFX Trend Strengh (no yellow X) Details


RunwiseFX Market Trending MT4 | MT5 (line color) Details


RunwiseFX Market Trending M4 | MT5 (histogram color) Details


Scalping Indicator Pro (gold/trend line check) Details
Designed to be used with i-sipso below and optionally i-sipsn as well

Checks trend line has gone above 80 to permit buy trades and below 20 is permit sell. If not at this level when trade signalled then will void the entry in order to pervent a late entry. This is achieved by setting Priority to HighAndStart.


Scalping Indicator Pro (pink/signal oversold/bought and return) Details

Checks signal line has gone below 20 when considering buy and above 80 when considering sell and then crossed out of that zone. Note, the configuration also sets the Reset Threshold in CONFIG | General Settings to 0, so can have consecutive trades of the same direction.


Scalping Indicator Pro ('ninja' check with faster period) Details

Adds additional 'Ninja' check recommended by the devloper where uses instance of Scalping Indicator Pro with period set to 10 instead of 150 to check trend line on correct side of 50 level.


Stochastics Divergence Details

The Shift=2 is in order to get reliable stats as indicators doesn't draw until then. Note, if you just wish to have just hidden divergences then you can set the following Indicator Properties: "X",8,3,3,0,0,0,"X",0,0,0,0,"X",0,0,1


Stridsman Details

Note, although this indicator has two color indexes, it always shows green color (index 2), i.e. always set, but the red appears on/off over the top of it. Therefore, just need to consider red color (index 3) and is sell if not null, i.e. color present.


Super Cross Trend AcrossDetails

Looks for arrows place on chart by the indicator.


TPA True Price Action MT4 Indicator (direction arrows) Details


TPA True Price Action MT4 Indicator (re-entry dots) Details


Tipu Impulse Oscillator Details


tma_bands_alerts (reversal on close outside band) Details

Will signal buy when candle closes outside lower band and signal sell when closes above upper band

TrendLine Pro


Note, contains configuration to set SL & TP from indicator, as well. This will scale-out in thirds as each of three TPs are reached.


(T_S_R)-Slope Direction Line Details


zwinner-trend-indicator Details

Note, this indicator repaints horribly (not just live candle). Not recommended.