groundbreaking functionality for the MetaTrader platform

Adjust Take Profit When Pip Loss Reached - Quick Load Code: m-tasl

Used to make adjustments to the take profit when the trade has reached a supplied amount of loss in pips. Set 'TP SL Trig' box to number of pips which if in loss by will cause take profit target 1 to be adjusted. Set 'TP Adj TP' to pips that take profit target 1 will be adjusted too. Note, assumes target 1 was already configured in pips. If was configured as risk reward ratio then TP Adj TP will be new risk reward ratio to use. Note, if 'TP SL Trig' is set to blank then turns rule off.

Break Even on Profit - Quick Load Code: m-beop

Will look at overall profit of trade, including any scale-in tickets, and if break even is set then will exit when profit reaches 0. This replaces our default break even method, which works when price returns to original open price. Use 'BE Amnt' text box to say what profit threshold is, by default 0, where will exit when profit goes to that amount. Note, setting for break even can be done in the normal way, e.g. by take profit target reached, setting on panel manually via BkEven tick box, or by another rule from the library.

Multiple Trade Open on Each Market Tick - Quick Load Code: m-mo

Can be used to enter into the market with a big position, split over multiple trade opens, as each tick from the market comes in. A text box is provided to enter the number of trades to be opened. Click the appropriate open buy/sell tick box to begin the open. The rule will alert when the open has been completed. You can untick the box to abandon the open whilst in progress.

Trade Open on Next Bar/Candle- Quick Load Code: m-on

Adds two tick boxes (for buy and sell) which when ticked will open trade in that direction on the open of the next bar/candle. Will use lots/SL/TP as set on panel.

Re-open Trade on Take Profit - Quick Load Code: m-tpre

Will re-open a trade when it is closed due to take profit being hit. Tick 'Continuous TP ReEntry' tick box, shown on panel, to turn on/off. Note, requires Auto Mode on panel to be in trade mode, e.g. TC.

Reset for New Trade on New Candle/Bar - Quick Load Code: m-ncrs

Will allow a new trade to happen on new candle/bar if currently loaded entry rule is in agreement.

Reset for New Trade on Take Profit - Quick Load Code: m-tprs

Will allow a new trade to happen, by doing a 'reset', if trade closed due to take profit hit. This will allow a new trade to happen on take profit reached, provided entry rule still in agreement and still signaling trade open. Use tick box 'Reset on TP' to turn this functionality on and off. Note, normally a reset wouldn't happen unless market gone in other direction.

Disable Auto Mode On Daily Profit % Reached - Quick Load Code: m-dadp

Sets Auto Mode to EVL (evaluate only) when daily profit target precentage reached. The percentage is growth on balance on trades closed during trading day. Can optionally re-activate trading (set TC mode) automatically on the following day at specified server time in 'Reactivate @' box (format hh:mm) - blank if not required.

Enable/Disable Auto Mode On Specific Time of Day - Quick Load Code: m-tt

Allows trading start and end time to be specified and trading mode. Will set that mode when time transitions into start time and will set to EVL when trading end time is reached. User_configStr1 and User_configStr2 can be used to supply the default start and end times, respectively. User_configStr3 the trade mode, however, if left blank then will default to TC. Note, if either start or end time are blank that no action will be taken at that time.

Enable Stop Loss Trail on Candle Close - Quick Load Code: m-toc

Provided 'SL Trail on Close' tick box is ticked, the rule will set for trail on candle close after trade opened.

Add Text Box to Panel for Max Spread - Quick Load Code: m-sms

This allows EA input Main_maxSpreadForAutoTradeOpen value to be set interactively by adding to the panel via a 'Max Spread' text box. The box will be initialised with the current value of input Main_maxSpreadForAutoTradeOpen.

Add Tick Box to Panel for Turn On/Off Pending One Cancels Other - Quick Load Code: m-oco

Set for Breakeven When Loss or Profit Reached - Quick Load Code: m-bepl

Adds text box to panel 'BkEven Pips:' which if negative will set for break even when trade is that number of pips or more in loss. Setting for break even when in loss means trade will be exited if trade improves a bit and recovers to break even level. If BkEven Pips is positive then will set for break even when trade reaches that profit in pips. If BkEven Pips is blank then turns rule off. Note, both targets and break even itself takes the spread into consideration.

Alternative version that allows profit to be supplied in amount of account currency. Quick loade code: m-bepl2

Set for Breakeven When Trade Duration Reaches Set Value - Quick Load Code: m-bed

Adds text box to panel 'BE Secs:' which if not blank will cause breakeven to be set when trade duration (in secs) reaches this value. Note, if trade is loss then will immediately exit. Can set default value with User_configStr1.

Clear Stop Loss Trail when Break Even Price Reached - Quick Load Code: m-ctbe

Open Trade at Specific Time of Day - Quick Load Code: m-te

Set 'Sell Time' and or 'Buy Time' box with time in 24 hour format, server time. Will use configured defaults for lots, SL and TP. If box is blank then no entry will happen. Also, need to have Auto Mode set to TC (trade continuous) in CONFIG | General Settings, so will trade rather than alert (say).

Open Additional Orders If Trade Goes Against Direction - Quick Load Code: m-aoga

Will use our scale-in mechanism to open up additional orders if trade moves in reverse direction. Allows orders to be entered in at a better price before trade resumes it's target direction. Interval of new orders (grid) is given by 'Grid Pips' text box and max orders allowed given by 'Max Orders'. Note, the 'Current Ord' is maintained by the configuration, i.e. don't touch. Note, only supports one direction at the time, i.e. either buy or sell. The lot size of the additional orders will be the same as the original order.

This second version opens seperate trades using the EAs multi-trade mode so they can have independant stop loss and take profit. This can be set via CONFIG | Stop Loss and Take Profit pop-ups. You can set the maximum number of simultaneous orders via CONFIG | General Settings | Max Simultaneous Trades. Quick load code: m-aoga2

This third version is similar to the frist but allows the scale-in to be specified for each grid level in a 'Order Scale' text box. This is values separated by | which gives multiplier of original trade for each level that represents the new total to have scaled-in by. For example, the default of |2|6|14|30 will, if orginal lots is 0.1, scale-in 0.2 extra on grid level 1 hit and then 0.4 extra on level 2 and then 0.8 extra and then 1.6 extra. Note, Order Scale list must start with |. Once no more numbers are specified in the Order Scale list then will stop doing scale-in. This version also has a Auto Grid box which if not blank will set the grid size to the stop loss pips divided by the auto grid value. Quick load code: m-aoga3

This forth version is the same as m-aoga3 but can handle both buy and sell trades at the same time. Quick load code: m-aoga4

Set Risk From List As Trade Made Until TP - Quick Load Code: m-srfl

Set 'Risk List' to list of risk settings which to use, using | to separate. Set Risk Idx to 0 to start process - if blank then will turn process off. Will set risk based on Risk Idx (index) and supplied list. Index will increase as trades are close. However, if full TP is reached then will reset index to 0, i.e. to the begining. If list is exhasted, i.e. reach end of list, then won't set risk any further.

Set Stop Loss High/Low of Closed Candle - Quick Load Code: m-slhl

To use need to set SL mode to RULE. Tip: If wish to trail with high/low then in addition to having SL mode also set EA input Main_stopLossUseCalcValueAtOpenForTrail to false.

Set Stop Loss Based on FX Trend - Quick Load Code: m-slft

Set Stop Loss Based on ZigZagColor MT5 Indicator - Quick Load Code: m-slzz

Set Take Profits Based on Moving Average - Quick Load Code: m-tpma

Use selection lists to select moving average method and period to set take profit to. Will use exit % and other actions as configured in take profit pop-up. A pip offset can also be supplied to adjust moving average, so further away by supplied number of pips. If negative pip offset supplied then will move price closer to open price. Tip: You can use CONFIG button | Rule GUI Controls button to change selection lists (maTP1 and maTP2) to suite MA periods you require.

This second version is available that permits up to 4 take profit levels to be set from moving averages. Quick local code: m-tpma2

Trail Stop Loss on New High/Low - Quick Load Code: m-nhlt

For buy, will trail stop loss when new high is formed and will set stop loss to low of the bar and visa versa for sell.

Trail Stop Precentage of Peak Pip Profit - Quick Load Code: m-pppt

Will exit trade when profit in pips drops to supplied percentage from its peak. Provides 'Min Bars' box to enter minimum number of bars/candles before rule becomes active and 'Min Pips' box for minimum pips peak profit, again before rule becomes active. Can set box to blank to turn one of the those checks off, but don't turn both off as need chance for trade to get going! In 'SL Trail %' box put the percentage of peak that will cause exit when the current profit drops down to it. If 'SL Trail %' box is set to blank then will turn rule off.

Trail Stop Loss on Lowest/Highest Bars - Quick Load Code: m-bslt

Will wait until trade has been opened for 'Trail Bars' number of bars/candles. Will then look at lowest(for buy)/highest(for sell) price in most recent 'Trail Bars'. Will then apply offset pips given by 'Trail Dist' and use that as trailing stop loss price. Can set 'Trail Bars' to blank to turn off. Also has 'Mn Pft Pips' text box where can specify minimum profit if pips the trade needs to have achieved before trailing is activated. This again gives the trade a chance to get going before trailing becomes active.

This second version will only trail if candle just closed is bullish for buy or bearish for sell. Note, the 'Trail Bars' is set to default of 1, which can be changed via CONFIG | Rule GUI Controls | textBox.trailSLBars | Default Value. Quick load code: m-bslt2

Trail Stop Loss on Specified Profit with Specified Step - Quick Load Code: m-aslt

Set Buy/Sell AdvTrail to what is required, in format profitPips/stepPips. For example, if set to 9/5 then for every 9 pips of profit will reduce stop loss by 5 pips. Don't worry about the Buy/Sell OrgSL boxes as they are automatically set by the configuration to the original stop loss price when a trade is opened.

Trail Stop Loss on Steps in Profit with Offset - Quick Load Code: m-aslt2

After target 'Trail Start' profit pips has been reached then will trail SL when steps in profit pips of 'Trail Step' are reached. When a step in profit is reached then will set SL to current price minus 'Trail Offset'. So that if price retraces by Trail Offset then will exit. By default, will move SL when every 20 pips profit set is reached and will set SL to current price - offset. The trailing only will begin when 40 pips profit target has been reached. Note, to turn off set Trail Start to blank.