groundbreaking functionality for the MetaTrader platform

Set Pending Orders on Entered Price - Quick Load Code: p

Will provide a text box on the control panel where a price can be entered. The pending line can then be set by pressing a button, also added to control panel, for buy and sell. Further, a tick box is available which if ticked will set for price close above/below rather than just touch. Will auto set Limit or Stop type depending on price entered.

Set Pending Orders Based On Previous High/Low with Offset - Quick Load Code: p-hl

Will add buttons to the panel to allow pending lines to be set based on the high/low price of the candle just closed plus offset. The offset can be a fraction (ratio) of the difference between the high and low and a particular number of pips. Text boxes are provided to enter these offsets. The first is the ratio, e.g.0.5 would add half the distance between high and low to offset. The second text box is the pip offset. The SL/TP used will be configured default. 

This second version will set the pending order to trade when candle closed beyond, i.e. sets pending order with TC mode (trade when closed), rather than TT (trade when touched). Quick lode code: p-hl2

This third version works like p-hl but will also set the stop loss to the other side of the candle wick. Quick lode code: p-hl3

This forth version works like p-hl but operates automatically on new candle and sets buy and sell pending stops, based on previous high and low, respectively, i.e. break out strategy. Can use 'Offset Pips' to add further pips for more confirmation of breakout (default currently 5 pips). Tick box 'Auto Set Pend Candle' is provided to turn rule on/off on-the-fly. Also sets stop loss based on previous high/low. Can set offset for this in CONFIG | Stop Loss | Offset box (mid way down), currently set to 3. Quick lode code: p-hl4

Example usage: If run on daily chart then will setup pending orders automatically at start of new trading day, based on previous day.

Set Pending Orders Based On Previous Candle Size - Quick Load Code: p-hlcs

Will examine the previous candle size (between high & low) and set pending limit order based on that size. Features a '% of candle' box where can specify the percentage of the candle size to use. Will use close of previous candle as the price to offset from. Use 'Set HL Pend Sell/Buy' buttons to set such a pending order for sell and buy, respectively. Note, if want stop orders instead of limit orders then set '% of candle' to be negative value.

A second version will offset from previous low for buy and previous high for sell. So, if '% of candle' is 50 then will get pending order set mid way between previous high and low. Quick load code: p-hlcs2

Set Pending Orders Before News Event - Quick Load Code: p-bn

Will set-up bracketed (buy & sell) pending orders before news event, when 'Set Secs' before news has been reached - default 3 minutes before news. The impact required for news to be considered is given by EA input News_impactsForRules - default high. The pending orders will be set based on recent high/low with any additional offset given in the 'Pip Offset' box. Set 'Bars Back' to how many bars/candles should be considered for the high/low values. If blank then will offset from current market price. Can turn off via 'News State' list box, or turn on by setting to Active. Other states are managed by the rule automatically. Finally, can use 'Pend Mode' box to give the pending mode to be used, e.g. TT (trade when price reached) or TC (trade when closed beyond).

If you sent stop loss mode to RULE in CONFIG | Stop Loss then will use SL for buy trade to where sell pending was place and visa versa for sell trade.

Set Pending Orders On Offset From Current Price - Quick Load Code: p-o

Allows pending order to be set quickly on button press, with price offset by current market price and set number of pips. Set 'Offset Pips' box to number of pips required. Use negative value to place limit order else with be stop order. Use 'Set Sell Pend' and 'Set Buy Pend' button to set pending order.

This second version will allow multiple pending orders to be set in multi-trade mode. You can use configuration per trade index (via 'Changes Apply To' in CONFIG | Rule GUI Controls | Default Value for text box offsetPips) to have set offsets per trade index. Tip: You can set default value to blank to not set pending for particular trade index. Quick load code: p-o2

This third version allows you to set bracketed pending orders (buy & sell) for supplied offset when 'Set Bracket Pend' button is pressed. Note, as with other rules use negative value to set limit orders, instead of stop. Quick load code: p-o3

Set Pending Orders On Candle Open - Quick Load Code: p-co

On candle open will Set Pending Orders based on candle open price, provided no trade is open for the chart. Tick boxes 'Sell Open Pend' and 'Buy Open Pend' say if sell and/or buy pending orders should be set. The 'Offset Pips' box gives the offset between open price and pending line price. Normally, stop orders will be set for break out, but can use negative offset pips for limit orders, i.e. with view to reversal trade.

Slant-able Pending Lines - Quick Load Code: p-s

Will add two tick boxes to the control panel (on for buy and one for sell) that when ticked will show slant-able trend lines that can be positioned on the chart. When the regular hidden pending lines are activated (via Pending box on panel) they will be glued to the slanted lines. i.e. the pending line moves with the trend line. Can be turned off by un-ticking the boxes.

This rule is really useful for opening trades when price reaches trend line, or close beyond. Just use the Pending selection box on the panel to choose which, you can even choose to just alert as well. Of course, you can use the rest of our hidden pending functionality, e.g. expiry or One Cancels Other in CONFIG | Pending Orders.

Optional Variation: Includes a text box that allows additional pips to be entered that will offset the pending the line from the trend line. Quick load: p-s2

Set Pending for Previous Session Breakout - Quick Load Code: p-sb

At a set trigger time will set pending orders based on high and low price achieved during previous bars/candles. For example, at London open can set based on high and low achieved during prior Asian session. An 'offset pips' box is provided to add extra pips to the found high/low prices. Use 'trigger time' to set time for pending to be setup. Time is server/broker time, so if your broker is two hours ahead of London time then would need to set to 10:00 for 8am London open. The 'bars back' is number of bars/candles to calculate high/low for. Recommend running EA on H1 time frame so one bar is one hour. To turn rule off, you can set 'trigger time' to blank.

Note, if wish to set stop loss based on high/low price then select RULE in CONFIG button | Stop Loss pop-up. Note, if trade already open then won't set pending orders. However, can increase max simultaneous trades in CONFIG | General Settings to avoid this. Final tip: You can set pending expirey in CONFIG | Pending Orders if you would like to delete pending orders if breakout not happend after certain amount of time.

This second version is almost the same but sets the pending orders in 'TC' mode, where price needs to have closed beyond pending price for trade to happen. Quick load code: p-sb2

This third version supports 'offset pips' being supplied as percentage, where the percentage will be of the body size of the closed candle when pending orders setup. Note, if omit the % then will just be regarded as pips, as with other versions. This version also has a 'Pend Mode' selection list, where can select between trade when pending price reached/touched (TT) or when candle closed beyond (TC - default). Finally, this version has 'Trigger Active' tick box, where if unticked it won't setup the pending orders at trigger time. Quick load code: p-sb3

Set Pending Order on Stop Loss Hit Offset from Market Price- Quick Load Code: p-slh

When stop loss is hit the rule will set a pending order in the direction of the trade, offset from market price with pips supplied from text box

This second version will set pending order for the opposite direction, e.g. if SL hit on buy trade then will setup sell pending order. It also provides as 'Max Profit' text box which if set (not blank) then if that profit is achieved the SL pending will be turned off for that trade. Quick load code: p-slh2

Reset Pending Order on Stop Loss Hit, i.e. Persistent Pending Order - Quick Load Code: p-pp

If press 'Persistent Pend On' button then will record any pending order prices in text boxes shown on the panel. If the pending order is taken and the stop loss is then subsequently hit the the pending order will be put back and the user alerted. If press 'Persistent Pend Off' then will clear any set pending prices and prevent pending order being reset up.
Tip: If you type in the pending price and then press the On button it will set the pending order on the chart at that price.
Tip 2: If you wish to preserve a manually set stop loss for any subsequent pending order then set EA input Main_resetAfterTradeClosed to false to prevent the stop loss from being reset after trade close.

Set Pending Orders Offset from Market Price by Supplied Percentage - Quick Load Code: p-op

Press 'Set Pending Orders' button to automatically set-up pending orders that will automatically open a trade when the market moves by a supplied amount (offset target). This can be supplied as a percentage (if % symbol is used), else fixed amount. Use 'Target Offset' box to enter offset to be used. Default is 0.5% but this can be change using EA input User_configStr1. Can also optionally set the stop loss with 'SL Offset' box. Leave blank to not alter the stop loss. Again, can be % or fixed amount and use User_configStr2 to adjust default value. Note, take profit can set to risk/reward ratio, i.e. based on size of stop loss, see Appendix A of manual.

Set Pending Orders On Low Spread After Given Time - Quick Load Code: p-st

If 'Set Pend on Spread' box is ticked then will setup pending orders when spread drops below level specified in Rule Controls and optionally (if not blank) if time has reached specified time. The pending orders are offset pips given by 'Pend Offset' box. Use 'Spread <' box to specify spread which if drops below will set pending orders. Note, will automatically tick 'Set Pend on Spread' box if time is less than 'Trigger Time'. Can use following EA inputs to set defaults for the boxes: User_configStr1, User_configNum1 and User_configNum2

Set Stop Limit Pending Order - Quick Load Code: p-stlm

Provides MetaTrader 5 stop limit pending orders, where set stop pending price which when reached trigger a limit pending order to actually trade (this rule will work with MT4 as well). This is useful if anticipate that market will reach certain level (stop price) and the pullback/retrace to a limit level and then resume in the original direction. This type of pending order will open when the limit price is reached and take advantage of the improved entry price.

Click Toggle Buy/Sell Stop Limit to places lines on chart for stop limit order. The solid thick line is the stop price and the dash dot line is the limit price. Select and move the lines to the desired prices. Note, 'SLTM offset' box is the number of pips to be used to position the lines by default on button press. Can click toggle button to turn off if wish to cancel.

Sets Multiple Pending Orders Based on Entered Prices - Quick Load Code: p-mpp

Provides boxes for up to 5 pending prices to be entered, with buttons setup multiple pending orders for given direction. Note, requires EA to be in multi-trade mode to permit multiple pending orders to be setup. Leave price box blank to not set pending order for that box.

This second version supports up to 10 levels. Quick load code: p-mpp2

This third version allows multiple pending orders to be set at the same price, e.g. to overcome broker max lots per ticket. Note, will need to be in multi-trade mode, i.e. Max Simultaneous Trades set to more than 0 in CONFIG | General Settings. Simply sent pending price and number of pending orders to set-up and then click appropriate 'Pend Multi' button. Quick load code: p-mpp3

Cancel Pending Orders on Close of Bar - Quick Load Code: p-cc

Also adds tick box where can turn feature on/off.

Cancel Pending Orders on Button Press - Quick Load Code: p-cbp

Add 'Cancel Pend' button on panel which will cancel pending orders.

Cancel Pending Orders If Price Reached - Quick Load Code: p-cap

Set 'Pend Cancel' if price needs to move down to or up to for cancel to happen. Set 'Cancel @' to actual price where cancel will happen. If blank then no cancel will happen.

Send Pending Order on Hot Key Press - Quick Load Code: p-hk

Will set buy pending order when U key is press and sell if D key is pressed. Based on offset from market price, with offset supplied in the 'Offset Pips' box. Note, if wish to set limit orders rather than stop orders then set offset to negative value. Optionally, instead of market price can be based on high price for buy and low for sell, if tick 'Base Pend on HL' box.