groundbreaking functionality for the MetaTrader platform

Adjust Auto Mode on All EAs - Quick Load Code: s-aam

Will send auto mode adjustment to all EAs. Use 'Auto Mode' selection list to select auto mode to be set. Press 'Set EAs Auto Mode' button to send auto mode to all EAs including current chart. IMPORTANT: We recommend using EVL (evaluate) mode to turn off both alerts and trade opens, rather than MAN (manual). This allows rule exits to still happen and for the EAs to still keep track of the market.

A second version will immediately change auto mode when selection list changes, i.e. doesn't need button press and doesn't have confirmation message. Quick load code: s-aam2

Adjust SL, SL Trail and/or Break Even on All EAs - Quick Load Code: s-asbe

Very flexible rule where can adjust stop loss amount (set in 'SL Adj' box), e.g. set to particular pips, and/or set for trailing SL (TRAIL) and/or break even (BE). This can be done for all open trades, or those in profit or those in loss. Use 'Adjustment' list box to select what to adjust, including the all/profit/loss. Note, if 'SJ Adj' box is set then this will be applied along with any TRAIL and/or BE. For example, if your current trades are doing well you can set them all to a 10 pip stop loss and to trail by setting 'Adjustment' box to allTrail and setting 'SL Adj' box to 10 and clicking 'Perform Adjustment' button. Note, only affects trades being managed by our EA.

Close All Trades Button - Quick Load Code: s-ca

Adds button to panel that will close all trades open on the account. Has confirmation message box, prior to close happening.

A second version will not do the confirm on button press and simply go ahead with the close. Quick load code: s-ca2

Close All Trades In Loss - Quick Load Code: s-cal

Adds button to panel that will close all trades open on the account that are in loss. Has confirmation message box, prior to close happening.

Close All Trades In Profit - Quick Load Code: s-cap

Adds button to panel that will close all trades open on the account that are in profit. Has confirmation message box, prior to close happening.

Flip Flop Button (Close Current & Open Opposite) - Quick Load Code: s-ff

Will close current trade(s) for chart symbol and open a trade in opposite direction, using current settings for lots/SL/TP. Useful if want to switch to trading opposite direction with a click of one button.

Generate CSV File with Chart Data - Quick Load Code: s-cd

Uses the EA's ability to create files to generate a CSV file with chart data (time, candle size, price, etc). The rules place 'Number of Candles' text box and a 'Generate CSV' button on the control panel. Click the button to generate the CSV file, for the specified number of candles, on the current chart and any other charts running the EA.

Select/Change Chart Symbol via Selection List - Quick Load Code: s-sym

Gives a selection list of symbols, based on Market Watch window, which if one is selected will change the current chart's symbol. Useful from our mobile app to change symbol of the connected EA. To use just select the symbol from the selection list called 'Symbol'.

Hot Key Open Trade - Quick Load Code: s-hko

Will open buy trade if B key press and sell trade if S key pressed. Will use settings from panel, with regard to SL/TP/lots etc.

Multi-Trade Close with Profit Shown - Quick Load Code: s-mtc

Displays current profit of all trades open, including those in multi-trade mode. Provide Close Trades button that will close these trades when pressed.

Open both buy and sell on button press - Quick Load Code: s-ob

Will place a 'Open Both' button on the panel that will open both a buy and sell trade when pressed. Uses the settings made on the control panel with regard to lot size, stop loss, etc.

Open Multiple Trades On Button Press for Direction - Quick Load Code: s-omt

Adds 'Multi Sell' and 'Multi Buy' buttons to the panel, which will open multiple trades in that direction, based on the 'Max Simultaneous Trades' set in COFNIG | General Settings. Set this value to the number of additional trades would like to open, e.g. set to 1 to have two trades open on the button press. You can then manage the SL/TP, etc., separately for each ticket, via SELECTED TRADE show on the panel in multi-trade mode.

Add buy/sell buttons that use next available magic number - Quick Load Code: s-bsnm

Will place Open Sell and Open Buy buttons on the panel which are useful for when in Multi-Trade mode and want to manually open a trade using next available magic number with a simple click. Will alert which magic number that was used. Note, see manual on how to activate Multi-Trade mode.

Add Reset Buttons For When Can Trade Again - Quick Load Code: s-r

Reset is required for an alert/trade to happen again, in that direction, when configured indicators/rules are next in agreement. These buttons allow this reset to be done manually, in addition to what happens automatically, e.g. as controlled by Reset Threshold in CONFIG | General Settings.