Generate CSV File with Chart Data - Quick Load Code: s-cd

Uses the EA's ability to create files to generate a CSV file with chart data (time, candle size, price, etc). The rules place 'Number of Candles' text box and a 'Generate CSV' button on the control panel. Click the button to generate the CSV file, for the specified number of candles, on the current chart and any other charts running the EA.

Hot Key Open Trade - Quick Load Code: s-hko

Will open buy trade if B key press and sell trade if S key pressed. Will use settings from panel, with regard to SL/TP/lots etc.

Open both buy and sell on button press - Quick Load Code: s-ob

Will place a 'Open Both' button on the panel that will open both a buy and sell trade when pressed. Uses the settings made on the control panel with regard to lot size, stop loss, etc.

Add buy/sell buttons that use next available magic number - Quick Load Code: s-bsnm

Will place Open Sell and Open Buy buttons on the panel which are useful for when in Multi-Trade mode and want to manually open a trade using next available magic number with a simple click. Will alert which magic number that was used. Note, see manual on how to activate Multi-Trade mode.