Auto Open/Close on our new RunwiseFX Trend Pro MT4 (MT5 version) with Auto Optimizer - Quick Load Code: a

Need to have RunwiseFX Trend Pro running on the chart. Will use risk setting in Trend Pro. The 'Auto News Avoid' will prevent the EA from opening a trade before a high impact news event. The threshold for this can be set via EA input News_secsPriorToNewsForNoAction (in secs), which by default is set for 1 hour. The 'Auto Next Exit' will exit just before a news event. The threshold for this can set via EA input News_secsPriorToNewsForAction, default is 90 seconds. Note, the news protection is just for high impact news but this can be changed via News_impactsForRules input. Make sure news events are shown correctly on the EA panel, as this is what is used.

A global take profit capability is also included in this rule that can exit all trades when a target equity or pips on the whole account is reached. Please see rule with quick load code e-gtp (click) for details.

For fully automatic trading we recommend EURUSD and EURJPY and M15, M30, H1 and H4 and GBPUSD, GBPJPY, EURAUD and M30, H1 and H4 as the give the best results going forward, even if only done initial optimization. Other symbols may also give profitable results going forward after more extensive optimization. We are constantly testing and refining the product.

Make Sure Have Latest Configuration Version: Should say "Config Version: V1.5" at the bottom of Rule Controls on the EA panel.