groundbreaking functionality for the MetaTrader platform

Open/Close Based on our Indicator Combine - Quick Load Code: ci-ic

This allows the configured Indicator Combine to be turned into an Expert Advisor, which will trade automatically when the selected early alert or confirmed alerts occur. See product video for demonstration of this. The 'Auto News Avoid' will prevent the EA from opening a trade before a high impact news event. The threshold for this can be set via EA input News_secsPriorToNewsForNoAction (in secs), which by default is set for 1 hour. The 'Auto Next Exit' will exit just before a news event. The threshold for this can set via EA input News_secsPriorToNewsForAction, default is 90 seconds. Note, the news protection is just for high impact news but this can be changed via News_impactsForRules input. Make sure news events are shown correctly on the EA panel, as this is what is used.

A global take profit capability is also included in this rule that can exit all trades when a target equity or pips on the whole account is reached. Please see rule with quick load code e-gtp for details on using this - link.

IMPORTANT: Recommend configuring the EA with indicators directly, rather than using this rule. Especially if you have a version of our EA that supports statistics. It's also more efficient to do everything in one product. Also, this rule won't be able provide any statistics in the EA, as just works going forwards.

This second version offers more logging messages. For you use if directed by us for diagnostic purposes. Quick load code: ci-icl

Alert/Trade When Price Exceeds Previous High/Low - Quick Load Code: ci-pahl

Will signal trade when price either closes beyond previous high for buy or low for sell, depending if 'HL PA on Close' is ticked or not. Use 'HL PA Sell/Buy' selection list to activate rule, which can just for one-off trade (ONCE), or continuously (CONT). Note, in continuous mode, will only be a signal if price action is still beyond previous high/low.

This second version adds > and < price boxes where rule will only trigger if current price is > or < supplied price(s), if set. Quick load code: ci-pahl2

The following will add hot keys to either of the two other versions, i.e. in order to HL PA Sell and HL PA Buy with either CONT or ONCE. Still use either ci-pahl or ci-pahl2 code then use code ci-pahlk to add hot keys. Use key B or S to set ONCE for either buy or sell, respectively. Or use key U or D to set CONT, again for buy and sell, respectively.

Alert/Trade When Price Achieves Higher High or Lower Low - Quick Load Code: ci-hhll

Will open buy if had two higher highs and sell if two lower lows.

This second version focuses on close price of previous candle being higher than close candle of one before it for buy and lower than for sell. Quick load code: ci-hhll2

Alert/Trade When Price Returns Inside Bollinger Bands - Quick Load Code: ci-bb

After price has gone outside bands (on candle close) then will trade when price goes back inside bands. For buy will need to have gone above bands and for sell gone below. You can configure similar Bollinger Bands type indicators by modifying indicator reference bbUpper and bbLower, in CONFIG | Indicator Values to Capture, for upper and lower bands, respectively. Note, make sure Color Index is set to the correct buffer that provides the appropriate band for whichever custom indicator using.

Alert/open/close On Signals from Global Variables (PINs) - Quick Load Code: ci-gv

Will trade based on signals from other programs that are communicated via MetaTrader's global variables (mechanism sometimes known as PINs). Up to 15 global variables are supported per chart symbol.

Use 'Var Sell Val' and 'Var Buy Val' boxes to set values the global variables need to have for sell and buy, respectively. Don't forget can use CONFIG button | Rule GUI Controls to set default values, and can also use Hidden tick box to hide boxes from panel, so less cluttered. Note, the GUI controls use reference IDs that are numbered 0 upwards.

Use 'G Var n' boxes to set the global variable names to look for. Use {t.symbol} to include current chart symbol if contained in global variable, as per our example.

Use 'G Var n Ctl' selection lists to set what to do with global variable signal, e.g. use for buy and/or sell, exit only or turn off (ignore). You can use CONFIG | General Settings | Thresholds for entry/reset and exit thresholds. Tip: Can add e-eo rule if simply want to exit on opposite entry signal, e.g. exit buy if get sell entry signal. Tip: You can use the Caption box of CONFIG | Rule GUI Controls to change caption text next to selection box to aid knowing what it is for.

Note, if reset threshold in CONFIG | General Settings is 100 then will need to see sell signal before will late trade buy, for example, but if set reset threshold to 0 then will simply trade when go from no signal to signal.

The following 'B' version can be used to set Auto Entry Mode to TC (trade continuous) if global variables are in agreement. Else, will set Auto Entry Mode to EVL (evaluate only). This is instead of opening/closing trades directly. The rule can be loaded alongside ci-gv rule. Note, the boxes on the panel for this version all have 'B' in them to destinguish from ci-gv items. Quick load code for this version: ci-gvb

The following version is based off ci-gv, but allows a global variable to be set instead of opening a trade. The text box 'Entry Gvar' gives the global variable's name to be set. 'Entry Mode' can be used to switch between regular TRADE mode or GVAR mode, where global variable will be set instead. Can also select OFF. This version also has its own 'Entry Thresh' for providing the percentage of global variables to be examined that need to be in agreement for entry signal. This allows the usual entry threshold in CONFIG | General Settings to be used for filters. Note, 'Entry Thresh' text box is set to hidden and set to 100 by default. This version can also handle where decide just set 'Entry Thresh' to 0 and only use indicators for signal. Quick load code for this version: ci-gv2

The following version is based off ci-gvb, which behaves the same, but doesn't use Auto Mode set to EVL to pause trading. Instead it adds 'Okay to Sell' and 'Okay to Buy' tick boxes with a filter that will pause trading if box is not ticked. This allows the rule to work with other rules, such as e-dpt, which modify Auto Mode themselves and thus would otherwise cause a clash. IMPORTANT: Please add this rule first, so that filter can block trading in other rules if need be Quick load code for this version: ci-gvb2

Alert When Indicator Combine Enters New Zone - Quick Load Code: ci-ica

Will alert when Indicator Combine value enters a new zone, where zones are definied as 3=confirmed buy, 2=early buy, 1=weak buy,0=neither buy/sell, -1=weak sell, -2=early sell, -3=confirmed sell. Use selection list 'IC Alt Zone' to turn on/off. If set to MAN (manual) then will alert zone drops below 'Alt Zone <' or goes above 'Alt Zone >'. If AUTO then those will be set automatically on each new candle, in order to alert change in zone. Note, requires Indicator Combine is present on the chart.

Alert/Open/Close Based on Combination FX Trend, FX Power and Lighthouse - Quick Load Code: ci-fx

Will trade when FX Trend is in agreement on timeframes select timeframes on panel and FX Power shows currencies moving in appropriate directions. Also added to panel is additional text boxes so can select trend % level that is required on all selected timeframes, first box is M5-H4 min level and second is >= D1. A selection list is also provided for the required FX currency power values. Also has optional CCI check for over sold / over bought and exit. If FX Exit is ticked then will exit when FX power as weakened on both currencies and FX Trend % is below 80 for chart timeframe. NOTE: Must add FX Trend (full display), FX Power and Lighthouse to the chart yourself, as the configuration reads directly from chart. This is to reduce memory usage.  Tip: If you set stop loss mode to RULE then use stop loss provided by FX Trend.

Alternative version that doesn't use SL of FX Trend and doesn't user iCustom on this indicator that seems to cause memory usage problems.

Another version which is the same as origianl but excluding FX Power

Alert/Open Based On Objects Placed by Indicator - Quick Load Code: ci-enob

Will alert/open when price reaches supplied sell/buy objects, e.g. horizontal lines, which have been placed on the chart by an indicator (say). Set 'entObjSell' and 'entObjBuy' to the object names that are to be used to give sell and buy prices, respectively. Will also detect when lines have been updated by the indicator and will then trade again. If 'Obj Entry Continuous' is ticked then will allow re-entry after trade exit if price reaches object again.

This second version will also reset on each new candle. This is useful if have filters in place and wish to trade again when targets are reached after filters no longer active. Quick load code: ci-enob2

This third version is for indicators that provide SL, entry price and take profit objects of type Trend Line. A pending order is used and set the supplied entry price. Also supports selection of entry price object if the indicator provides more than one. There is also the option of <IMMEDIATE>, for entry, where will open immediately when objects signal with SL & TP. This rule is modeled on indicator 'Price Action Entry Alerts' from Market. Note, if indicator doesn't provide something, e.g. TP2 and TP3 then set corresponding Obj box to blank. Quick load code: ci-enob3

Alert/Open/Close PipFinite Reversal Pro - Quick Load Code: ci-rvp

Includes setting take profit level 1 and 2 to targets suggested by the indicator and same for SL. The Zone % box allows you to say how close the price should be to the support/resistance line for trade to be taken when signal occurs. The default value of 25 means price needs to be in the top/bottom quarter of the distance between support & resistance. The smaller the value then the more picky the configuration will be. Exit on opposite signal can be turned on/off with Rev Pro Exit tick box.

This second version will check TP1 is within support/resistance lines. It also offers a 'Min Succ %' text box, where you can supply the minimum allowed success % being reported by the indicator.

Alert/Open/Close Based on runwiseFX Multiple Indicator Matrix - Quick Load Code: ci-im

Works on our Multiple Indicator Matrix when the total arrow for a particular timeframe changes. Will check up three timeframes and the configuration shows three selections lists for this on the panel. By default the first is set to M1 and the second is the current chart timeframe and the third if off, i.e. none. That will mean you will only get the alert/trade if both timeframes are in agreement. On the panel you can also set the level for the alert/trade. By default that is 90, which means 90% of the indicators have to be in agreement for the alert/trade to happen. Also, contains exit based on matrix that can turned on and off via tick box and has its own level setting.

IMPORTANT: Recommend configuring the EA with indicators directly, rather than using this rule. Also, this rule won't be able provide any statistics in the EA, as just works going forwards.

The following version will reset for next trade if TF1 change direction, i.e. will trade more frequently by requiring only TF1 to go opposite before new trade is possible when comes back. Will of course still not trade unless TF 2 and 3 are in agreement. Quick load code: ci-im2

The following version is like ci-im2 but can check 7 time frames. Quick load code: ci-im3

Alert/Open on FL01 and TTL Indicator - Quick Load Code: ci-ttl

Rules for indicator FL01 that draws moving average type line on the chart and a TTL histogram style indicator that shows red/green. Note, in the rule the TTL is checked that it is showing the correct color over the 3 most recent candles (shift 2 - shift 0), where shift 0 is the live candle and shift 1 is the most recently closed candle, etc. The rule only evaluates on the opening of a new candle/bar, hence then N flag at the start of each rule line.

Alert/Open on Black Diamond Trader On Multiple Timeframes Plus ADX - Quick Load Code: ci-bdt

Checks Blank Diamond Trader on timeframe of chart the EA is running on plus next timeframe up (achieved by period=0+1) and timeframe up from that (period=0+2). Also confirms entry with standard indicator ADX.

Alert/Open on MACD True Crossing 0 or Optionally Histogram - Quick Load Code: ci-mt

Requires MACD True indicator to be installed on MetaTrader - commonly available online. Provides selection list to set whether to trigger on MACD True crossing 0 or histogram.

Alert/Open/Close on BBands Stop v2 - Quick Load Code: ci-bbv2

Will signal open when indicator changes from sell to buy (or visa versa) plus price is beyond the stop line it indicates. Will also optionally exit when indicator either shows opposite direction or when price falls below the stop line it indicates. The exit can be turned on and off via tick box show on the control panel under Rule Controls.

Please check the name of the indicator in the rule matches what is on your system, i.e. the name of the ex4 file. If not then either rename the ex4 or change the configuration below.

Alert/Open on FS30_2014_5 Inidicator - Quick Load Code: ci-fs

Will signal open when indicator changes from sell to buy (or visa versa)

Please check the name of the indicator in the rule matches what is on your system, i.e. the name of the ex4 file. If not then either rename the ex4 or change the configuration below.

Alert/Open on ADX Arrow + Currency Power Meter - Quick Load Code: ci-aacm

Will signal open on ADX Arrow + Currency Power Meter, which are available from The rule will signal on ADX Arrow and if the currency pair is performing the best based on the Currency Power Meter. A text box 'Max Above' is provided to set the maximum number of currencies that can better than the currency being considered, e.g. set to 1 to allow one other currency to be better. NOTE: The Currency Power Meter must be on the chart for the rule to work, i.e. included in the template for the chart.

Alert/Open on ADX Arrow + Advanced Currency Meter + (Optional) RunwiseFX Trending - Quick Load Code: ci-aaam

Will signal open on ADX Arrow + Advanced Currency Meter, which are available from Will also use our RunwiseFX Trending if installed on your system (this will help filter out flat markets). The rule will signal on ADX Arrow and if the currency pair is performing the best based on the Currency Meter. A text box 'Max Above' is provided to set the maximum number of currencies that can better than the currency being considered, e.g. set to 1 to allow one other currency to be better. NOTE: The Advanced Currency Meter must be on the chart for the rule to work, i.e. included in the template for the chart.

Alert/Open/Close on ForexOffTrend_Alert Indicator - Quick Load Code: ci-fot

Alert/Open/Close on Our RunwiseFX Trend Strength - Quick Load Code: ci-ts

Alert/Open On Indicators Showing Multiple Timeframes as Colored Objects - Quick Load Code: ci-mtco

An example of such an indicator is the freely available GG-TrendBar. The rule will signal a trade when a selected timeframe (via Rule Controls) changes color. It's also possible to select confirmation upper timeframes with Confirm 1 and Confirm 2 selection lists, also in Rule Controls. Or, select 'none' to turn those off.

NOTE: Very important the indicator is already on the chart, i.e. include in your template - the rules read the objects placed on the chart already.

Alert/Open/Close On Indicators that Place Text Objects On Candles - Quick Load Code: ci-co

An example of such an indicator Price Action Indicator. The indicator must already be on the chart, i.e. included in your template. The rule provided tick boxes to turn entry & exit off. Also, the first part of the object name can be specified as object filter. This ensures the correct objects are read. The second text box allows the text interested in that appears above/below the candle. Items can be comma separated.

Alert/Open/Close On QQEA Indicator - Quick Load Code: ci-qqea

Has tick box to turn exit on and off

Set Pending, Take Profit and Stop Loss Based on Indicator Placing Fib Object On Chart - Quick Load Code: ci-fswa

Will set based on Fib object that the indicator places on the chart. Indicator is assumed to be on chart and the object is named fib olines. Customization: If fib object is called something else then search and replace fibolines, as appropriate.

Alert/Open/Close Based on RunwiseFX Built-in Indicator + RunwiseFX Order Symbols Indicator - Quick Load Code: ci-biso

The RunwiseFX Order Symbols Indicator is used to check the symbol is performing well compared to other symbols, i.e. is (say) top three of the ordered list. The maximum order number is selectable via selection list. Can be switched of OFF is want to turn off. Note, the Order Symbols indicator must be running on at least one chart and contain the symbol to be traded and be on the same time. VERY IMPORTANT: The indicator input Main_storeOrderInGlobalVariables for the Order Symbols indicator must be to set true. The rest of the rule is used like our built-in rule that is supplied with the EA, where select Auto Entry to RET or REV strength and optionally set exit.

Alert/Open/Close on Solar Winds Joy - Quick Load Code: ci-swj

Will enter and optionally exit (via tick box) on color change of Solar Winds Joy. Can also optionally enter early be setting 'Early Entry' box with value which if crossed will enter, even though color not changed yet. If box left blank then will just enter/exit on color change. Use EA input User_configNum1 to set period setting of indicator (default 35 if don't set) and User_configNum2 to set smooth setting (default 10 if not set). Note, this indicator can repaint when close to 0 level, but doesn't happen too often.

Alert/open/close on Awesome Signal Alert - Quick Load Code: ci-asa

Works when yellow line crosses 0 and histogram color is correct (if Check Color is ticked). Optionally handles exit with tick box on panel to turn off/on. Exit by default only happens on candle open to avoid multiple open/close if on cusp of buy and sell.

Alert/open is previous open/close inside support/resistance rectangle, e.g. II_SupDem_v2.32 - Quick Load Code: ci-ocss

Close for recent price in support/resistance rectangles shown on chart. Must have indicator on chart. Can specify part name of rectangle in 'Sell Rect' and 'Buy Rect'. 'On Open in Rect' will check previous open in rectangle. 'On 2 Close in Rect' will check previous 2 close prices in rectangle.

Alert/open on Alma Indicator (free) - Quick Load Code: ci-alma

Will buy if indicator starts going up (closed candle values only), or sell if going down

Set Pending Orders, SL & TP on Indicator Break Out with TP and SL fibonacci - Quick Load Code: ci-bots

Also adds tick boxes so can choose directions. Use CONFIG | Take Profit to set what happens as the take profit targets are reached, e.g. in terms of exit % and any set for break even or trailing stop loss. By default will scale out in thirds as the three take profits are reached.

Open/alert At Particular Time & Direction - Quick Load Code: ci-t

Set 'Open Time' for trade open time, in server/broker time, e.g. 13:00. Set 'Open Dir' for direction of trade to be opened, includes option to open both directions. Can set time to blank or direction to OFF to prevent rule from operating.

This second version is multi-trade mode compatible, where only want one trade to be opened per signal. Quick load code: ci-t2

Open/alert on indicator TOP_Ultimate_Breakout - Quick Load Code: ci-tub

Open/alert on Reversal After Session Breakout - Quick Load Code: ci-rsb

At 'Trigger Time' will examine chart for highest/lowest price achieved, going back by 'Bars Back' number of candles. Will then look for breakout of the high/low range (offset by any additional pips given by 'Pip Offset' box). When breakout happens, the rule will then signal trade in opposite direction (reversal), e.g. if breakout of high price then will signal for sell. Can add other indicators to confirm reversal. Can also, optionally, set a cancel time, via 'Cancel Time' box, which if reached will reset and stop signalling buy/sell. Note, the 'State' and 'Target *' boxes are all managed by the rule and will auto update.

This second version will wait for a confirmation candle in the trade direction. For example, if there is a breakout of the target high price then will wait for bearish/'red' candle to appear and close before opening sell trade. Note, status text will say 'waiting confirm' when waiting for such a candle and 'waiting bo' means waiting for breakout. Quick load code: ci-rsb2

Note, a 'Min Time' box is auto managed by the rule and is used to make sure confirmation candle doesn't come before the trigger time.